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Arabia Taxi LLC – Your Reliable Transportation Service

Arabia Taxi LLC is a top transport company in the United Arab Emirates. They offer great chances for people wanting to work in the transport sector. Since starting in 2005, they have become well-known in the tough UAE taxi market.

They are part of the Public Transport Agency (PTA) of the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA). This means they promise to provide trustworthy and high-quality rides for everyone, focusing on safety, being on time, and pleasing customers.

They have more than 900 taxis, even ones for people with special needs. This shows their commitment to being inclusive and accessible. Need a ride to the airport, a fancy car for a special event, or business travel? Arabia Taxi LLC has you covered with their wide range of services, meeting all types of transportation requests in the Middle East region.

Arabia Taxi LLC keeps growing and finding new ways to meet the UAE’s rising transport needs. If you live there or are just visiting, they’re the team to trust with all your travel needs.

About Arabia Taxi LLC

In 2005, Arabia Taxi LLC got its start in the United Arab Emirates. At first, it could run 500 taxis only in Dubai. Since then, it has grown. By 2007, it added 271 more taxis. Then, in 2013, another 155 were included.

This growth included a special needs taxi service. Now, it’s a key player in offering rides around the UAE.

Fleet Strength

Today, Arabia Taxi LLC has a whopping 927 taxis. With such a big fleet, it can serve the needs of many. This includes those living in the area and tourists visiting the UAE.

Franchisee of RTA

Arabia Taxi LLC partners with the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai. This means it works closely with the UAE’s transportation rules. This ensures its services are both safe and reliable for customers.

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Arabia Taxi LLC РServices Offered

Arabia Taxi LLC has a wide range of transport services for its clients. Its main service is taxi booking, with a simple mobile app or online service for bookings. Alongside regular taxis, they offer airport transfer solutions. This ensures smooth and dependable transport for those flying.

Corporate Transportation Solutions

In the UAE, the company offers chauffeur services and luxury vehicle rentals for businesses. They aim to provide top-notch and professional travel options for employees and clients. Their corporate fleet can meet the most specific needs, from luxury car hires for business heads to organizing vehicle fleets for large events.

Service Offerings Key Features
Taxi Booking
  • ¬†Convenient mobile app and online platform
  • 24/7 availability
  • Reliable and punctual service
Airport Transfers
  • Dedicated airport pickup and drop-off service
  • Hassle-free luggage handling
  • Flight tracking for timely arrivals
Corporate Transportation Solutions
  • Chauffeur-driven luxury vehicles
  • Customized transportation packages
  • Reliable and professional service

Arabia Taxi LLC is ready to serve both individual and corporate customers. Its commitment to outstanding service in the dubai taxi service, uae cab company, and regional transportation field is widely recognized. The company is trusted by many due to its reliable services.

arabia taxi llc services

Why Choose Arabia Taxi LLC?

Arabia Taxi LLC is a top pick in the UAE for transportation services. Locals and visitors both love its focus on being reliable and always on time. This commitment is why it’s so trusted in the region.

Reliability and Punctuality

The company’s fleet is not only large but also very well-maintained. Every driver is both trained and friendly. This mix of good cars and good people means customers always have a smooth ride.

Being on time is important, and the company never misses. Because of this,, customers can trust their schedules will go as planned.

Trained and Courteous Drivers

Arabia Taxi LLC’s team is specially trained to be great at what they do. Drivers know how to keep you safe, make you comfortable, and help you get around the UAE easily.

So, when you pick Arabia Taxi LLC, you’re choosing a stress-free journey.

Competitive Pricing

The company doesn’t just excel at service; it’s also budget friendly. From solo travelers to big businesses, everyone can afford to ride with them. This makes Arabia Taxi LLC a top choice in the UAE cab company and middle east transportation sectors.

reliability and punctuality

Careers at Arabia Taxi LLC

Looking for a job in the UAE’s transport world? Arabia Taxi LLC could be your next step. It aims to help its workers grow by offering training and development. This way, everyone can do their best at work.

Job Opportunities

Arabia Taxi LLC wants new people to join their team. There are many job types available from driving a taxi to working in customer service or managing fleets. This means there’s something for everyone’s career goals.

Training and Development

Employee progress is very important at Arabia Taxi LLC. They run programs on driving safely, serving customers well, and being efficient at work. By doing this, they help their team be ready to give excellent service.

Employee Benefits

Employee happiness is a big deal at Arabia Taxi LLC. They offer good salaries, health cover, and chances to move up in your career. This makes working there a great experience. They want to be a top choice for a good job in the transport field in the UAE.

Booking and Payment Options

Arabia Taxi LLC makes getting around easy and flexible. You can use their mobile app to ask for a ride. You’ll see where your driver is in real-time. Plus, you can pay right through the app, without any cash. Or, if you prefer, book your rides on the Arabia Taxi LLC website. It has the same cool tools as the app.

They don’t just take cash. Arabia Taxi LLC lets you pay with cards or mobile wallets too. This makes it easy for everyone to choose how they pay. With lots of ways to book and pay, arabia taxi llc, dubai taxi service, and uae cab company meet all sorts of customer needs. They aim to make your travel smooth and stress-free.

Booking Options Payment Methods
Mobile App Cash
Online Booking Credit/Debit Cards
Mobile Wallets


Arabia Taxi LLC has become a go-to for reliable transport in the United Arab Emirates. They have a huge fleet, over 900 taxis, which includes special vehicles. This is crucial for those with special needs.

The company’s main goals are safety, being on time, and making sure customers are happy. They offer a wide range of services, from simple taxi rides to special corporate transport. These efforts have made them a major player in the region’s transport scene.

They keep getting bigger by adding more vehicles and improving their team’s skills. They also offer new ways to book and pay. This makes Arabia Taxi LLC ready to meet more people’s transport needs in the UAE.

If you live there and need a reliable Dubai taxi service, or if you’re visiting and need a smooth airport transfer dubai, they are your answer. They are there for anyone looking for top-notch transport in the UAE and the whole Middle East.

Arabia Taxi LLC is always working to make their service better for customers. This dedication has helped them stand out as a top pick for luxury car rentals and tourist transport. They are also focusing on the needs of business travelers with their special limo services.


Who is the owner of Arabia Taxi LLC?

Arabia Taxi LLC works under the Public Transport Agency (PTA), part of the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai. The RTA is the main group managing transport there.

How can I join the taxi industry in the UAE?

If you’re looking to enter the transportation industry, Arabia Taxi LLC has various job openings. They offer training and career development. This ensures their workers have the skills they need to do well.

How can I book a female taxi in Sharjah?

You can book a taxi easily at Arabia Taxi LLC. Use their app or the website. Though they don’t have a female-only service, you can ask for a female driver when booking.

How many employees does Dubai Taxi Corporation have?

The article doesn’t say how many people work at Dubai Taxi Corporation. It mainly talks about Arabia Taxi LLC, which runs more than 900 taxis in the UAE.

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