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Careem Customer Service Number UAE | Reach Support Easily

Careem is a top ride-hailing and delivery service across the Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan. It’s a key part of travel in the United Arab Emirates. The company started in 2012 in Dubai and has grown to over 70 cities in 10 countries. Dive into the article about careem customer service number uae.

For Careem users in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other UAE location, getting help is easy. The company’s customer support team is ready to assist with any questions or problems. They help with rides, payments, and more, making sure you get the support you need.

What is Careem?

Careem is a tech company in Dubai. It offers app services like ride-hailing and deliveries. It works across the Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan. Careem began in 2012 by Mudassir Sheikha, Magnus Olsson, and Abdullah Elyas. Their goal was to make life easier in this area.

Careem’s Mission

Careem aims to improve how people move around and get things delivered. It started to fix issues in the Middle East’s market. They wanted to give users a smooth and easy experience.

Services Offered by Careem

Careem’s services include ride-hailing and more. In the UAE, Careem provides Careem UAE contact, Careem UAE support, Careem Dubai customer care, Careem Abu Dhabi helpline, Careem UAE rider assistance, Careem UAE captains support, and Careem UAE app help. These cover everything from travel to daily life needs.

Careem UAE Services

Careem Customer Service Number UAE

Careem is a top ride-hailing and delivery service in the Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan. It’s important for them to offer top-notch customer service in the United Arab Emirates. To make it easy for users to get help when they need it, they’ve set up a special helpline just for those in the UAE. The Customer Care Number of Careem is  +97144540100.

Dedicated Helpline for UAE Customers

If you’re in the UAE, getting help from Careem is simple. You can reach their customer support team anytime, day or night. Just use the careem customer service number uae. This number is there for questions and issues about using Careem, like careem uae contact and careem dubai customer care.

How to Contact Careem Support

Want to talk to Careem’s support team in the UAE? Just call the special helpline number. You can find it in the Careem app, on their site, or by looking up careem customer service number uae. The team can help with anything, from booking rides to solving payment problems.

careem customer service number uae

Common Reasons to Contact Careem Support

Customers in the UAE often need to contact Careem’s support team. They may do this because of issues with rides, booking questions, or needing help with the app. This includes problems on the Careem app, questions about services in Dubai, or learning to use Careem there. The support team is always there to help.

Ride Queries and Booking Issues

Many customers reach out to Careem support in the UAE for help with ride bookings. They might need to change or cancel a ride, find out about their booking, or solve problems during the ride. The support team is available to help with all these issues.

Payments and Financial Concerns

Also, some customers need support with payments. This could be sorting out refunds, adding or changing payment methods, or understanding charges. The support team can guide and solve any payment issues for users in the UAE.

General Inquiries and Feedback

Customer in the UAE also contact the support team for general information. This can be about the company’s services, features, or rules. They also give feedback, make suggestions, or report problems with the app and services.

Common Careem Support Requests Key Information Provided
Ride Queries and Booking Issues Assistance with booking modifications, ride tracking, and resolving ride-related concerns
Payments and Financial Concerns Support for processing refunds, managing payment methods, and understanding billing
General Inquiries and Feedback Guidance on Careem’s services, features, and policies, as well as accepting customer feedback

careem uae app help

Careem’s Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Careem focuses on top-notch customer service in the UAE. It makes sure users always get reliable help fast. They work hard to quickly solve any issue, like service availability questions.

24/7 Availability for Assistance

Careem has a round-the-clock support team ready to help. Whether it’s for a ride, booking, or a payment problem, help is there. This means users can get assistance anytime, anywhere in the UAE.

Multilingual Support Team

The Careem support team speaks many languages. They can help in Arabic, English, and more. This way, they offer personalized help to everyone in the UAE, day or night.


In conclusion, Careem’s customer service in the UAE is key to their mission. They aim to offer reliable transport and delivery. This includes a helpline that’s open 24/7 and a team that speaks many languages. It’s designed to help customers quickly with any problem or question they might have.

Got a question about booking a ride, worried about payments, or want to give feedback? Careem’s customer support is here to help. They work hard to meet users’ needs and keep them happy. This dedication is a big reason why Careem is doing so well. It’s growing and becoming a top choice for transportation and delivery in the Middle East.

Careem has raised the bar for services in the UAE. They offer an experience that’s smooth and quick, which other companies try to match. As they keep growing and adding new services, taking care of customers

will be a top priority. This way, users in the UAE can always expect great, dependable help whenever they need it.


What is Careem’s customer service number in the UAE?

In the UAE, people can call a special number for Careem’s help any time, day or night. This team helps with all kinds of things about your Careem rides, like bookings and payments.

What kind of issues can I contact Careem’s customer support about?

You can call Careem’s support for anything you need help with. This includes questions about rides, trouble with bookings, worries about payment, and any other feedback.

Is Careem available 24 hours in the UAE?

Absolutely, Careem’s team is ready to help in the UAE all day and night.

How do I report a problem on the Careem app?

Just give Careem’s team a ring at the helpline. They’re there to help with app problems or anything else you need them for, like your rides.

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