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Ce La Vi Dubai – Stunning Rooftop Bar & Restaurant Experiences

Ce La Vi Dubai, perched on the 54th level of the prestigious Address Sky View Hotel, offers a fusion of culinary excellence and a luxurious social ambiance. Nestled high above the city, this sophisticated rooftop bar and restaurant captivates visitors with its breathtaking skyline view of Downtown Dubai. Renowned for its chic elegance, Ce La Vi Dubai has established itself as a premier destination for luxury dining and elevated nightlife experiences.

Here, patrons indulge in upscale experiences while enjoying an exhilarating skyline view Dubai is celebrated for. The design exudes exclusivity and sophistication, providing an unforgettable escape above the bustling metropolis. This stunning venue epitomizes the essence of Dubai’s vibrant and luxury-oriented lifestyle, making it one of the best nightlife spots Dubai has to offer.

Introduction to Ce La Vi Dubai

As a beacon of elegance and a premier gourmet destination, Ce La Vi Dubai emerges as a landmark within the urban tapestry of Dubai. Embraced by connoisseurs of haute cuisine and aficionados of the nightlife scene, the venue has garnered acclaim for its exceptional service, contemporary Asian culinary offerings, and its signature panoramic views. With a backstory that includes a temporary closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a triumphant emergence as a Michelin Guide-listed establishment, Ce La Vi Dubai promises an experience that resonates with luxury and indulgence, merited by both critics and patrons alike.

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Offering a unique blend of trendy lounges Dubai ambience and exclusive clubs Dubai appeal, the venue is renowned for combining gourmet experiences with breathtaking vistas. As one of the top attractions Dubai offers, Ce La Vi Dubai has cemented itself as a must-visit destination.

Ce La Vi Dubai reviews consistently highlight the excellence in service, the innovative menu, and the unforgettable views, making it a standout in the hospitality scene.

Ce La Vi Dubai: Location and Ambiance

Ce La Vi Dubai, perched atop the prestigious Address Sky View Hotel, epitomizes urban luxury with a touch of sophistication. Its strategic location in Downtown Dubai grants guests captivating vistas of the city’s iconic architectural wonders.

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Stunning Skyline Views

From the rooftop, patrons are treated to an uninterrupted skyline view Dubai that stretches across the heart of Downtown Dubai. The venue’s rooftop infinity pool and the iconic Burj Khalifa framed by a floral swing enhance its reputation as an Instagram favorite, providing a picture-perfect setting for an evening out.

Chic Interior Design

Inside, Ce La Vi Dubai showcases a meticulously crafted chic interior design that blends modern aesthetics with luxurious comforts. The reflective light from circular overhead features dances against dark wood panels, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. An elaborate floral bar adds a touch of botanical freshness, embodying the pinnacle of class and style in its interior architecture.

Feature Description
Location Address Sky View Hotel, Downtown Dubai
Key Attraction Uninterrupted skyline view Dubai
Design Highlights Chic interior design with modern bespoke decor

Ce La Vi Dubai Menu Highlights

Ce La Vi Dubai invites guests on a gastronomic journey through its carefully curated menu. The mastery of Executive Chef Howard Ko is evident in every dish, reimagining traditional Asian flavors with contemporary flair. The menu is designed to offer something for everyone, from culinary adventurers to those with specific dietary needs.

Ce La Vi Dubai menu highlights

Contemporary Asian Cuisine

Diners will find the Ce La Vi Dubai menu brimming with innovative Asian dishes that entice the palate. Delicacies such as hokkaido scallop ceviche and black truffle sushi rice risotto are standouts that reflect the rich tapestry of flavors synonymous with contemporary Asian cuisine. Each dish is crafted to balance boldness with subtleties, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience.

Plant-Based Options

For those preferring plant-based options, Ce La Vi Dubai delivers on variety and taste. The menu includes an array of vegetarian and vegan delicacies, showcasing the versatility of plant-based ingredients. These selections are thoughtfully prepared to offer the same depth and satisfaction as their meat-based counterparts.

Signature Cocktails and Beverages

No meal is complete without the right drink, and Ce La Vi Dubai excels with its signature cocktails and beverages. The drink menu boasts inventive cocktails, premium wine selections, and top-tier whiskeys, each curated to complement the vibrant flavors of the cuisine. From classic mixes to bespoke creations, the beverage offerings are a highlight in their own right.

Menu Prices

The Ce La Vi Dubai menu prices reflect the luxurious quality of the dining experience. With options to suit varying budgets, patrons can indulge in everything from a three-course lunch set to generously-portioned mains. This thoughtful pricing ensures that both lavish spenders and those seeking value can enjoy the exceptional dining offerings.

Special Events and Weekly Happenings

Ce La Vi Dubai is renowned for its dynamic lineup of special events that perfectly blend culinary artistry with a festive atmosphere. Here’s a glimpse into the exciting Ce La Vi Dubai special events that ensure a lively experience for patrons.

Brunch on 54

Every Saturday, Ce La Vi Dubai beckons diners to indulge in the celebrated Brunch on 54. This event features a robust four-course menu accompanied by breathtaking skyline views. The sumptuous brunch experience spans delightful culinary offerings, making it a fixture among the most anticipated weekly happenings Dubai has to offer.

Caviar Mondays

Caviar Mondays are a must-attend for gourmet enthusiasts. This signature event offers a stellar “dining under the stars” experience, with exclusive creations designed by Chef Howard Ko. The harmonious blend of luxurious cuisine and enchanting ambiance makes it an exemplary event within the Ce La Vi Dubai special events schedule.

Splash Ladies Night

Tuesdays sparkle with the charm of Splash Ladies Night, an evening exclusively for women to unwind. With unlimited house beverages and live entertainment, this event exudes a vibrancy that redefines the weekly happenings Dubai nightlife scene. Ladies are invited to bask in an evening filled with revelry and elegance that encapsulates the festive spirit synonymous with Ce La Vi Dubai.

Ce La Vi Dubai Photos

Ce La Vi Dubai’s allure, perched on the 54th floor of the Address Sky View Hotel, is not limited to those who visit in person. It is equally captivating for those perusing its mesmerizing visual documentation. The vibrant, elegantly plated dishes perfectly align with the sweeping skyline views, elevating the charm of exclusive clubs in Dubai.

Each image of Ce La Vi Dubai amplifies its status as a visual treat for the senses. The stunning vistas of Downtown Dubai under the terracotta-hued rooftop umbrellas are breathtaking. The carefully curated presentation and luxurious decor reflect the venue’s sophistication and elegance.

The following table encapsulates the essence of Ce La Vi Dubai’s photogenic appeal, showcasing why it stands out among exclusive clubs in Dubai:

Visual Element Description Highlights
Skyline Views Uninterrupted vistas of Downtown Dubai, featuring iconic landmarks. Ideal for Instagram-worthy moments, especially framed by the floral swing.
Plated Dishes Elegantly plated culinary masterpieces that taste as good as they look. Vibrant, colorful presentations that highlight contemporary Asian cuisine.
Rooftop Ambiance A chic and sophisticated setting with terracotta-hued umbrellas and luxe decor. Creates a perfect blend of luxury and comfort for all occasions.

Ce La Vi Dubai photos capture the venue’s essence, making it a must-visit destination. The Address Sky View Hotel’s premium location adds to its photogenic appeal, ensuring it remains a favorite among exclusive clubs in Dubai.


Ce La Vi Dubai epitomizes luxury dining and sophisticated nightlife in the heart of Downtown Dubai, establishing itself as a jewel within the city’s bustling gastronomic and entertainment scene. The stunning skyline views and chic interior design heighten the sense of exclusivity, ensuring each visit is memorable. The venue’s ambiance effortlessly marries traditional elegance with contemporary flair, setting the stage for an upscale experience that resonates with its discerning patrons.

Consistently praised in Ce La Vi Dubai reviews, the menu offers an exquisite selection of contemporary Asian cuisine that appeals to a variety of palates. From innovative culinary presentations by Executive Chef Howard Ko to plant-based delicacies, dining here is a celebration of taste and artistry. Furthermore, specialized events like ‘Brunch on 54’ and ‘Caviar Mondays’ infuse the venue with vibrant energy, making it one of the best nightlife spots Dubai has to offer.

In conclusion, the harmonious blend of breathtaking vistas, remarkable food, and upscale experiences makes Ce La Vi Dubai an unparalleled destination for both locals and visitors. This premier rooftop bar and restaurant not only showcases the best of Dubai’s luxury and culinary prowess but also provides an oasis for those seeking to enjoy the finer things in life. Its continued dedication to excellence ensures that Ce La Vi remains a top contender in the world of fine dining and nightlife.


Where is Ce La Vi Dubai located?

Ce La Vi Dubai is perched on the 54th level of the prestigious Address Sky View Hotel, offering stunning skyline views of Downtown Dubai.

What type of cuisine does Ce La Vi Dubai offer?

Ce La Vi Dubai features contemporary Asian cuisine with modern twists, providing a rich array of flavors that cater to various dietary preferences.

Does Ce La Vi Dubai offer plant-based options?

Yes, Ce La Vi Dubai has a prominent selection of plant-based dishes available on their menu.

Can you tell me more about the special events hosted at Ce La Vi Dubai?

Ce La Vi Dubai hosts several vibrant weekly events, including ‘Brunch on 54’ every Saturday, ‘Caviar Mondays,’ and ‘Splash Ladies Night’ every Tuesday.

What are the menu prices at Ce La Vi Dubai?

The menu prices at Ce La Vi Dubai vary, offering options for different budgets. Patrons can enjoy an affordable three-course lunch set and generously-portioned mains.

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