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Custom Duty on Gold in India – A Comprehensive Guide

India is among the top gold importers globally. Dubai plays a key role as a gold trade center for India. Each year, millions of Indians carry gold to and from Dubai. Dive into the article that gives information about custom duty on gold in india.

The Reserve Bank of India and Indian Customs set limits on the gold one can bring. This is for gold brought as baggage from Dubai to India.

Understanding the Cultural Significance of Gold in India

India sees gold as a strong symbol of its traditions and heritage. People view it as more than money. It’s a part of daily life in India.

Gold as a Symbol of Tradition and Heritage

In India, gold shows off its rich history and culture. The country’s traditional jewelry and buildings shine with gold. This shows India’s deep connection to its past. Gold is often passed down in families, keeping history alive.

The Role of Gold in Auspicious Occasions

Gold is key in celebrating special events like weddings and festivals. In these times, gold gifts are a wish for wealth and blessings. This act connects families and honors their spiritual beliefs.

Indians love gold so much that they buy it when traveling to places like Dubai. There, gold is less expensive. This buying reflects the Indian respect and love for gold as a cultural symbol.

Why is Gold Cheaper in Dubai?

Many Indians go to Dubai for gold shopping. Gold in Dubai costs less than in India for several reasons. Part of this is because Dubai doesn’t have a GST on gold and jewelry, unlike India’s 3% GST.

Zero GST on Gold in Dubai

In Dubai, there is no GST on gold. This makes it a great place for Indians to buy gold. The money saved on taxes can be a lot.

Lower Manufacturing Costs

Dubai’s jewelry is made at a lower cost. This means the final price for buyers is lower. 24-karat gold in Dubai is usually 5% to 7% cheaper than in India.

Pricing Advantage for Indian Consumers

The lack of GST and cheaper manufacturing make gold in Dubai a good deal for Indians. Gold is very important in Indian culture. Dubai has become a top spot for Indian gold buyers because of this.

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Custom Duty on Gold in India – India Customs Gold Limit & Regulations

Indian travelers have specific gold duty-free limits when arriving from Dubai. These limits depend on the traveler’s gender and age. The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs has set these rules.

Duty-Free Gold Limits for Male Passengers

Men who stayed in Dubai for over six months can bring 1 kg of gold without duty. They must pay duty for gold over this limit.

Duty-Free Gold Limits for Female Passengers

Women with a stay of six months in Dubai can also bring 1 kg of gold without duty. More than this and they incur customs charges like men.

Duty-Free Gold Limits for Children

For kids with Indian travelers, there are special gold limits. Those under 10 years old can carry 20 grams without duty. Kids aged 10 to 18 get a limit of 40 grams duty-free.

custom duty on gold in india

Custom Duty Rates on Gold Imports

The Indian Government charges import taxes on gold brought in by people. This tax is called customs duty. If you’re bringing gold from Dubai to India, knowing the customs tax rate is crucial. These rates change for those living in Dubai for different times.

Duty Charges on Gold Bars

Bringing gold bars into India means paying a 10.75% customs duty. This includes 7.5% as a basic customs duty and an extra 3% GST.

Duty Charges on Gold Coins

The customs duty rate on gold coins is also 10.75%. It’s split into 7.5% as the basic customs duty and 3% GST.

Duty Charges on Gold Jewelry

For gold jewelry, the customs duty is a bit higher at 12.5%. This has a 10% basic customs duty and 2.5% GST.

Gold Item Basic Customs Duty GST Total Customs Duty
Gold Bars 7.5% 3% 10.75%
Gold Coins 7.5% 3% 10.75%
Gold Jewelry 10% 2.5% 12.5%

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Calculating Custom Duty on Gold

When gold is imported from Dubai to India, knowing custom duty details is vital. We look at the gold’s value and apply the right duty and tax.

Valuation of Gold Items

To figure out the custom duty on gold, first find out how much the gold is worth. This includes its weight, purity, and extra charges like making fees. Indian customs have a set way to value the gold. They look at the base gold price and extra fees.

Applying Duty Rates and Taxes

After valuing the gold, the next step is to apply the right duty and taxes. India’s customs duty for gold differs based on what kind it is. For example, gold bars, gold coins, and gold jewelry have their own rates. Plus, there’s a Goods and Services Tax (GST) on top of the duty.

Now, we use the duty rate on the gold’s assessed worth. Then we add the GST on the whole value, including the duty. This is the total custom duty to be paid to clear the gold in India.

Declaring Gold at Indian Airports

If you’re coming to India from Dubai and have gold, listen up. You must tell the airport officials if this gold is worth more than your duty-free allowance. This is a rule from the Reserve Bank of India and the Indian Customs Department.

Green Channel vs. Red Channel

At the airport, there are two paths: the green channel and the red channel. Take the green one if you don’t have to pay any customs duties. The red path is for people with taxable goods, like excess gold.

Consequences of Non-Declaration

Not saying you have gold with you can get you in big trouble. Indian Customs can impose fines or take legal action. To avoid these problems, just follow the rules and declare any extra gold you’re bringing in.


Knowing the custom duty rules on gold for Dubai to India trips is key. Learn about duty-free limits, customs taxes, and how to declare. This way, you can choose your gold wisely and travel with ease.

If you plan to buy gold for yourself or as a gift, use the info from this guide. It helps you follow customs rules without trouble. Remember to follow limits and declare extra gold to avoid problems.

Always keep this guide in mind when traveling from Dubai to India. Stick to the rules and pay the duties for a smooth experience. Enjoy the gold culture in India while respecting its import laws. Safe and happy travels!


How much gold is allowed in custom duty in India?

If Indian travelers stay in Dubai for over six months, they can bring 1 kg of gold. But they must pay customs duties for any gold over this limit.

What is the customs duty on gold from Dubai to India?

The customs duty on gold from Dubai to India depends on the gold’s type and amount. You need to calculate gold’s value, add the duty rate, then apply taxes on the duty.

What is the import duty on gold in India?

India charges a customs duty on gold coming into the country. This import tax varies for people depending on how long they stayed in Dubai. It is critical to know the current customs duty rate.

How many Indian rupees can NRI carry to India?

If you’re bringing in more gold than the limit, you must declare it at the airport. Use the red channel at the airport if you have to pay duties.

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