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Dolphin Show Dubai: What’s the Duration and Schedule?

Securing tickets of  dolphin show dubai is a straightforward process, available through a convenient online booking system. By purchasing tickets online, visitors can enjoy discounts of up to 70% off until May 31, allowing them to experience the renowned Dubai Dolphin Show at Dubai Dolphinarium for a fraction of the price. This immersive aquatic entertainment experience is accessible daily, except on Tuesdays, offering a variety of mesmerizing performances and playful interactions with marine mammals.

Guests are advised to book online to avoid queues and benefit from these significant discounts. Additionally, ticket holders can take advantage of a free shuttle service from the nearest metro station, ensuring easy and hassle-free transportation to the venue. With prices varying depending on seat selection and ticket type, many might wonder: “how much is the ticket for dolphin show in dubai?” The answer depends on the choice of standard or VIP tickets, with each offering great value and a memorable visit to the UAE’s #1 Dolphin & Seal Show.

Interested in learning how do i go to the dolphin show? Simply visit the official Dubai Dolphinarium website to browse available dates, times, and seating options, ensuring your opportunity to partake in Dubai’s premier dolphin show.

Understanding the Dubai Dolphin Show

The Dubai Dolphin Show at Dubai Dolphinarium is a must-see attraction, known for delivering the best dolphin show in Dubai. It offers a prime opportunity to witness a stunning display of marine mammal performance that captivates audiences. This dolphin presentation in the UAE is highly acclaimed for its engaging and heart-warming interactions with these intelligent creatures.

What to Expect at the Show

During the 45-minute show, spectators can expect a breathtaking spectacle that includes flips, splashes, and playful antics of the dolphins. This interactive dolphin experience in Dubai ensures that visitors of all ages are entertained. Performances also include seals, adding an extra layer of delight to this marine mammal performance in Dubai.

Show Timings and Duration

Show timings are carefully scheduled to ensure maximum audience convenience. The Dubai Dolphin Show runs daily at three different time slots: 11:00 AM, 2:00 PM, and 5:00 PM (excluding Tuesdays).

The event is meticulously planned to ensure that every visitor enjoys the best dolphin show in Dubai, offering ample opportunity for memorable experiences at the Dubai Dolphinarium. Whether it’s experiencing the magical flips or the delightful interactions, this show promises to deliver unmatched entertainment, making it a top attraction in the UAE.

Embrace the aquatic marvels and be a part of this unforgettable journey.

Different Types of Tickets Available

The Dubai Dolphin Show offers a variety of ticket options to suit both residents and tourists. Whether you are looking for a standard experience or a VIP package, there is something tailored for every visitor.

dolphin show dubai

Residents Rate

The residents’ rate for the dolphin show dubai provides significant discounts, making it accessible for local families to enjoy this incredible marine mammal performance. Remember to bring a valid UAE Emirates ID to avail of these discounted rates.

Tourist Rate

Tourists can also easily book their tickets for the family-friendly dolphin show dubai. Regular tickets offer excellent views and ensure that visitors from around the globe can immerse themselves in the aquatic spectacle without any hassle.

VIP Tickets

For an elevated experience, consider booking VIP tickets for the dubai dolphinarium show. VIP tickets include reserved seating in prime locations, offering the best views of the dolphins’ incredible performance, along with additional perks that make the day even more special.

Ticket Type Price (AED) Benefits
Residents Rate 150 Discounted rate, requires Emirates ID
Tourist Rate 200 Standard seating, accessible to all
VIP Tickets 300 Reserved seating, best views, extra perks

Online Booking and Discounts

Securing your seats for the Dubai Dolphinarium show is a straightforward process that offers ample benefits when done online. Among these benefits are significant discounts and special offers that enhance the entire experience.

dubai dolphinarium show

How to Book Online?

The online booking process for the Dubai Dolphinarium show involves a few simple steps. Begin by selecting your preferred show date and time. Choose your desired seating section, then confirm the number and type of tickets you wish to purchase. The transaction is completed through a secure third-party payment gateway, ensuring ease and safety.

Available Discounts and Offers

Opting for online booking dolphin show Dubai brings access to exclusive discounts and promotions. Available offers may include early bird discounts, festive season deals, and last-minute promotions. These discounts not only make the experience more affordable but also provide value-added perks like complimentary snacks or VIP experiences.

Terms and Conditions

It’s important to be aware of the terms and conditions when booking online. To avail of residents’ discounts, valid UAE EMIRATES ID must be presented at entry. Note that certain fees, like the Dubai Municipality Creek Park entry fee, are not included in the ticket price. Promotions and discounts cannot be combined with other ongoing offers and are subject to final terms set by the Dubai Dolphinarium.

Transportation and Accessibility

For those wondering how do I go to the dolphin show? in Dubai, the Dubai Dolphinarium provides a hassle-free solution. Utilizing the transportation dolphin show Dubai service, guests can take advantage of a complimentary shuttle service. This shuttle operates every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for show ticket holders, ensuring that attendees can reach the venue without difficulty from the nearest metro station.

Imagine a stress-free journey where the excitement begins even before the show starts, thanks to the efficient transportation options available.

transportation dolphin show Dubai

In an effort to enhance accessibility, the Dubai Dolphinarium also caters to those using public transportation. Whether you are a local or a tourist, getting to the dolphin show is convenient and straightforward. The free shuttle is a valuable addition, particularly for families or groups looking to enjoy a day of marine-themed fun without the worry of navigating city traffic.

For visitors traveling during weekends, the shuttle service is an excellent option to consider. Learning how do I go to the dolphin show? and leveraging the available transportation dolphin show Dubai options ensures an optimal experience filled with joy, ease, and comfort.

The Ultimate Dolphin Show Dubai Experience

For those looking to immerse themselves in aquatic entertainment, the Dubai Dolphinarium offers an unparalleled experience. The ultimate aquatic entertainment show Dubai transcends just a performance; it offers interactive opportunities that make the visit memorable. Guests can look forward to engaging with dolphins through swims, affectionate interactions like kisses, and playful splashes.

Moreover, the Dubai Dolphinarium provides several additional attractions, such as the exotic bird show, which guarantees a well-rounded family outing. When planning your visit, consider how much time to spend in Dubai Dolphinarium to fully appreciate all the activities available. It’s generally recommended to allocate a full morning or afternoon to ensure you don’t miss any aspect of this comprehensive entertainment experience.

  1. Interactive Dolphin Experiences
  2. Swim with Dolphins
  3. Dolphin Kisses and Playful Splashes

For a more detailed plan, here is a quick overview:

Activity Recommended Time
Dolphin Show 45 minutes
Interactive Experiences 30 minutes
Exotic Bird Show 30 minutes


The Dubai Dolphin Show offers a unique blend of education and entertainment, making it a standout attraction in the UAE. Watching these intelligent marine mammals perform is a mesmerizing experience that is sure to captivate audiences of all ages. Whether you’re a resident looking for a local leisure activity or a tourist seeking a memorable outing, the ease of acquiring dolphin show tickets Dubai online adds to the convenience and appeal of this event.

With various ticket options to accommodate different preferences and budgets, it is straightforward for everyone to find a suitable choice. Resident discounts, tourist rates, and VIP tickets collectively ensure that visitors can enjoy the show tailored to their needs. Additionally, the free shuttle service from the nearest metro station further simplifies accessibility, enhancing the overall experience.

The show’s rich array of performances, featuring flips, tricks, and interactive moments, affirms that is the dolphin show worth it? The answer is a resounding yes. Immersing yourself in the Dubai Dolphinarium not only promises entertainment but also an educational venture into the remarkable world of marine life. All these factors combined make the Dubai Dolphin Show a must-visit attraction, guaranteeing an unforgettable day in Dubai.


How do I get tickets for the Dubai Dolphin Show?

To get tickets for the Dubai Dolphin Show, you can book online through their official website. Online booking offers up to 70% off on tickets until May 31. This convenient process allows you to skip queues and enjoy discounted rates for an immersive aquatic entertainment experience.

How do I go to the dolphin show?

The Dubai Dolphinarium is easily accessible by metro. Guests with show tickets can take advantage of a free shuttle service from the nearest metro station every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, making it convenient to reach the venue.

How much is the ticket for the dolphin show in Dubai?

The ticket prices for the Dubai Dolphin Show vary. Residents can avail of discounted rates, while tourists can choose between regular and VIP tickets. Children and adults also have different ticket prices, ensuring a family-friendly experience.

How do I know if the dolphin show is worth it?

The Dubai Dolphin Show is widely regarded as the best dolphin presentation in the UAE. The 45-minute show, filled with amazing flips, splashes, and heart-warming interactions, offers an unforgettable experience that captivates audiences of all ages. Additionally, the availability of interactive experiences with dolphins makes it well worth the visit.

How much time should I spend in the Dubai Dolphinarium?

Allocating sufficient time to fully enjoy the Dubai Dolphinarium is advisable. Apart from the 45-minute dolphin show, visitors can indulge in other attractions like the exotic bird show. It is recommended to plan for at least a half-day visit to experience all the offerings thoroughly.

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