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Dubai Police Accident Report Download – Official Process

If you’re in a car accident in Dubai, you might need a police report for insurance or legal reasons. Luckily, getting a Dubai Police accident report is simple. You can do it online by using the reference number you got at the accident scene. Dive into the article that gives information about dubai police accident report download.

The Dubai Police accident report is very important. It’s a legal record of what happened. You’ll need it for an insurance claim or if you go to court.

In this article, we’ll show you how to download your Dubai Police accident report using the reference number. We’ll also talk about why these reports are crucial and who can get them.

Understanding the Importance of Accident Reports

Driving in Dubai and the UAE comes with risks. Even with strict traffic rules, accidents can still occur. If you’re in an accident here, the first thing you should do is inform the Dubai Police. Remember, whether it’s a minor or major accident, informing the police is a must.

Legal Documentation for Insurance Claims

The accident report from Dubai Police is key for insurance claims. Insurance companies in Dubai will ask for this report to process your claim. The report details the accident’s circumstances, like where and when it happened. This makes the claims process smoother.

Evidence in Court Proceedings

If there’s a court case over the accident, the police report can help. It’s legal evidence that can support your case or the other party’s. This report’s details and official status are crucial in court. It can help to determine who is at fault.

Getting hold of the Dubai police car accident reports, dubai motor accident data, and others is vital after an accident. These documents are important for insurance claims and legal matters. With them, you can expect a fair resolution of the accident’s issues.

dubai police accident reports

Eligibility Criteria for Obtaining the Report

If you want a Dubai Police accident report by reference number, you must qualify. This keeps it safe and ensures only the right people view it. The who can get dubai police accident report?, can i get dubai police accident report if i’m not the owner?, and what documents do i need to get dubai police accident report? questions are key.

Vehicle Ownership or Authorization

To get the report, you must own the vehicle or be its legal rep. This includes family or legal representatives. You need to prove you have the right with proper docs.

Valid Identification Documents

You also have to show valid ID to confirm who you are. This could be your passport, Emirates ID, or driver’s license. The ID must clearly show who you are to prove you can see the report.

Following these rules, the Dubai Police keeps the report safe. Only those with a clear, legal reason can access it. This protects the info and the investigation’s integrity.

who can get dubai police accident report?

How to Get Dubai Police Accident Report by Reference Number Online?

If you’ve faced an accident in Dubai, don’t worry. You can get your accident report online easily. Just follow these steps:

Visit the Dubai Police Website

Start by going to the Dubai Police’s official website. Go to the “Traffic Services” section. There, you’ll see the link to get accident report info.

Navigate to Traffic Services

After clicking on Traffic Services, look for the section on accident reports. This is where you put in your accident’s details to get the report.

Enter Reference Number and Details

First, fill in the reference number from the accident report. Then, add other important info like the accident’s date, location, and your details.

Submit and Pay Fees

Once you’ve entered all details, hit submit. You might need to pay a fee. This is easy through the secure payment gateway on the website.

dubai police accident report online

Alternative Methods to Get the Accident Report

If accessing the Dubai Police website is not possible, don’t worry. You can still get a copy of the accident report using other methods. These are other options for getting the report through its reference number:

Via Dubai Police App

There’s a Dubai Police mobile app for this. You can request your accident report on this app. Just download it, go to the traffic services section, and enter your accident’s reference number. It’s great for doing things quickly.

In-Person Request at Police Station

For a face-to-face method, head down to your nearest Dubai Police station. There, you can ask directly for your accident report. Make sure to take your ID and the reference number. The police will help you get what you need.

Whatever way you pick, having the dubai police accident report reference number is crucial. Without it, you might have to put in more effort. This could mean working closely with the police to get dubai police accident report copy or dubai police accident report retrieval in other ways.

Dubai Police Accident Report Download

Do you need to dubai police accident report download? Dubai Police offers an easy way to get it online. This is great for car owners and their authorized reps. It’s key for dealing with legal and insurance issues.

Dubai rta accident report download makes getting needed papers easy. You might need this report for claims or in court. The dubai police car accident report download gets you the proof you need fast.

Document Type Accessibility Eligibility
Dubai Police Accident Report Available for online download Car owners and authorized representatives
Dubai RTA Accident Report Accessible through online platform Vehicle owners and legal representatives
Dubai Police Car Accident Report Downloadable from official website Drivers involved in the accident, vehicle owners

Getting a dubai police accident report is simple. It helps you with legal and insurance steps easily. This service is a big help for many people.

Fees and Payment Options

Getting a dubai police accident report in Dubai does have a cost. The price for this report is:

Service Charges

A digital copy of the dubai rta accident report costs AED 100. A physical copy is AED 200. These charges apply to both online and in-person requests.

Payment Methods

There are several ways to pay for the report. You can use:

  • Credit/debit card on the Dubai Police website for dubai police accident report online payment
  • Cash or card at the Dubai Police station
  • e-Dirham electronic payment system

Remember, the how much does a dubai police accident report cost? may change. So, it’s wise to verify on the official Dubai Police website.

Dubai Police Service Channels and Working Hours

If you have an accident report inquiry, the Dubai Police are ready to help. They offer different ways to get in touch and serve you at various times:

Service Channel Working Hours Contact Information
Dubai Police Accident Reporting Hotline Runs 24 hours every day dubai police accident report hotline
Dubai Police Website Online service available 24/7 for dubai police accident report needs
Dubai Police Stations Come in from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, every day, for dubai police accident report assistance Find dubai police accident report contact information for your local station

Dubai Police makes sure to respond quickly and effectively to all dubai police accident report matters. Whether it’s about accident reports, updates on cases, or getting a report copy, their teams are here to help you at every step.


Getting a Dubai Police accident report is very important if you’re in a car accident there. This report is key for insurance and in court. You can get it easily using the steps in this guide.

This article covers why the report is important, how to check if you can get it, and how to actually get it. It also lists the places to get the report and how much it costs. With this info, you can deal with any insurance or legal needs after an accident.

If you have any kind of car accident in Dubai, this report is crucial. It’s your official account of what happened. Knowing how to get this report helps protect your rights.


How can I get a Dubai Police accident report online by reference number?

To get the Dubai Police accident report online using the reference number, just follow these steps:

  • Go to the Dubai Police website
  • Click on the Traffic Services section
  • Enter your accident’s reference number
  • Fill in the required information and submit
  • Then, pay the necessary fees to download the report.

What are the eligibility criteria for getting a Dubai Police accident report?

You are eligible if you own the vehicle or if you’re a representative. You must show valid ID.

How can I get a Dubai Police accident report if I don’t have the reference number?

Without the reference number, you have other ways to get the report:

  • Use the Dubai Police app to request it
  • Visit a police station in person to ask for it

What is the cost of getting a Dubai Police accident report?

Getting a copy of the report costs a service fee. Here’s the current pricing:

  • Digital copy: AED 50
  • Printed copy: AED 100

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