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How Much Does Taxi Cost in Dubai? – Taxi Fare Guide

The bustling city of Dubai is easier to explore with local taxi services. Wondering about the cost to catch a cab in this lively place? You’re in the right spot. This guide dives into Dubai’s taxi fares, including what affects the cost. Plus, we’ll check out the different taxi services available for a smooth travel plan. Dive into the article about how much does taxi cost in dubai.

As per, the government last updated Dubai’s taxi fares in January 2019. These prices are for all taxis and companies there. The basic fare is AED 12.00 with an additional AED 1.82 per kilometer. Waiting time costs AED 30.00 per hour. Daytime rates apply, while night rates are a bit higher, between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM.

Taxi fares are fixed by Dubai city and checked by the meters in taxis. The price you pay can change based on the route, how long the trip takes, and other fees.

Understanding Dubai Taxi Fares

Dubai taxi fares are impacted by many things. This includes the taxi type, the time of day, the distance, and added charges. Knowing this can help you choose wisely when traveling in Dubai.

Factors Affecting Taxi Prices

The price of a taxi in Dubai changes with the service. Regular taxis in Dubai start at AED 5 to AED 5.50. At certain times, there’s a booking charge of AED 10-12. The per-kilometer rate is AED 2.19 for these taxis.

Base Fare and Per-Kilometer Charges

Airport taxis have a higher starting fare, AED 25. They also charge AED 1.75 per kilometer. For a fancier ride, limousine taxis begin at AED 7.50 per kilometer. They also have a base fare of AED 25 from the airport.

Dubai’s taxi prices are regulated by the city government. They use meters in the taxis to make sure prices are fair for everyone.

Dubai taxi fares

Types of Taxis in Dubai

Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) provides many taxi services. They are designed for different passenger needs.

General Taxis

General taxis start at AED 5-5.50 with a AED 2.19 per kilometer charge. They offer a reliable way to get around the city.

Airport Taxis

Airport taxis start at AED 25 and charge AED 1.75 per kilometer. They are perfect for travel to and from the airport, making your journey easy and smooth.

Limousine Taxis

Limousine taxis are more luxurious. They start at AED 7.50 and cost AED 25 from the airport. These include high-end cars like Infiniti, Tesla, and Lexus, offering a premium travel experience.

DTC has a wide variety of dubai taxi fares, taxi rates dubai, dubai taxi prices, and cost of taxis in dubai. This ensures passengers can find the right taxi, whether for regular travel, airport pickups, or a VIP journey.

Taxi Type Starting Fare Per Kilometer Charge Additional Information
General Taxis AED 5-5.50 AED 2.19 Reliable city travel
Airport Taxis AED 25 AED 1.75 Ideal for airport travel
Limousine Taxis AED 7.50 AED 25 from airport Luxurious cars (Infiniti, Tesla, Lexus)

dubai taxi types

How Much Does Taxi Cost in Dubai?

Taxi prices in Dubai change based on the time you travel. From 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM, taxis start at AED 5. You’ll pay AED 2.19 for every kilometer. At night, from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM, the start rate goes up to AED 5.50. But, the kilometer charge stays the same.

Daytime vs Nighttime Rates

Between 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM, a taxi starts at AED 5. Each kilometer costs AED 2.19 at this time. Night rates, from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM, are a bit more expensive. The start rate jumps to AED 5.50, but the kilometer charge does not change. This pricing difference is because more people need taxis at night.

Salik and Toll Gate Charges

On top of the regular taxi fares, you may pay for Salik (toll gate) fees in Dubai. These costs add up at the end of your ride. The Salik system aims to lower traffic and congestion. But, it can make your taxi journey more expensive, especially for long trips through many toll gates.

dubai taxi prices

Booking and Payment Options

In Dubai, passengers have many ways to book and pay for taxi rides easily. The DTC mobile app is a top pick for many. With this app, users can book taxis, check the fare, and pay without any hassle. It’s a great tool for planning trips and knowing the cost upfront.

DTC Mobile App

The DTC mobile app is a one-stop-shop for taxi rides in Dubai. You just need to tell it where you’re going. It figures out the fare based on the distance and taxi rates. This lets passengers know the price and make smart choices about their travel.

Online Booking and Taxi Fare Calculator

There’s also the option to use DTC website’s online tools. By entering your trip details, you get an idea of the taxi fare. It makes planning easier from how much is a taxi from dubai airport? to any spot in the city.

DTC really helps Dubai’s visitors get around easily. It’s all about saving time and money while enjoying the city.

Special Taxi Services

Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) doesn’t just offer regular rides. It has special services too. These are for certain groups of people. They make moving around Dubai easier and more comfortable for everyone.

Ladies and Family Taxis

There’s a service where only women drive. It’s great for female passengers and families. The cost to start a ride in these taxis is AED 5-5.50. For every kilometer you go, it’s another AED 2.19. dubai taxi fares and cost of taxis in dubai, stay fair for this special group of riders.

Taxis for People of Determination

For those who need it, they have Taxis for People of Determination. These have ramps and other special needs features. Starting a ride costs AED 5-5.50. Each kilometer is AED 2.23. And, if you have a Sanad card, you get half off. This makes taxi rates dubai and dubai taxi prices

Dubai’s taxis are set up to serve everyone. They ensure all people get where they need to go. This system covers a wide range of passenger needs. And it does so while keeping affordable taxi fares and reasonable costs.

Taxi Rental Services

The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has taxi rental options for those who need a private vehicle. This is great for both personal and business use in Dubai. It’s an easy way to get around for a longer time.

They have two rental options: 6 hours or 12 hours. The 6-hour rent costs AED 500, while the 12-hour rent is AED 1,800. With these plans, you can have a private taxi without stressing over the cost or finding other ways to move around.

This service is perfect for those with a lot of places to go or a set schedule. It’s efficient, letting users focus on what they need to do. For business, travel, or fun, DTC’s rental service is ready to meet your travel needs.

Looking for a private way to travel in Dubai? DTC’s taxi rental service offers a cost-effective option over usual taxi prices. It’s a great choice for residents and tourists, giving them the freedom and ease they need.

Dubai Airport Taxi Fares

Taxis from Dubai International Airport start at AED 25, which is more than general city taxis. They charge AED 2.09 per kilometer. There are taxi ranks at each airport terminal. This makes getting a ride easy, whether arriving or departing.

Terminal Pick-up and Drop-off

Taxi stands are easy to find at Dubai Airport. They’re at both arrival and departure areas. So, you can easily get a taxi where you need it.


Dubai’s taxi system makes travel easy and affordable. It offers many types of services, including special trips for women or families. The prices are clear, shown on the cab’s meter, to help customers know the cost of taxis in Dubai.

Taxi prices in Dubai change based on the time, distance, and extra fees. This helps passengers pick the best way to travel, whether it’s by taxi or using a different service. Knowing about how much does taxi cost in Dubai and the dubai taxi fares is key.

In summary, Dubai’s taxi options are friendly and easy to use for everyone. By learning the cost of taxis in Dubai and what services are available, travelers can enjoy their journey across the city.


How much does a taxi cost in Dubai?

A taxi in Dubai starts with a basic fare of AED 12. The charge per kilometer is AED 1.82. Waiting time costs AED 30.00 per hour. At night, from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM, rates are a bit higher.

What factors affect the cost of a taxi in Dubai?

Many things can change the price. The taxi type, time of day, how far you go, and extras like tolls all play a role.

What are the different types of taxis available in Dubai?

Dubai Taxi Corporation has various cars like general, airport, and limousine taxis. Each type has its own price.

Are there different taxi rates for daytime and nighttime?

Daytime and nighttime rates do differ in Dubai. A regular taxi starts at AED 5 during the day and AED 5.50 at night. But, the cost per kilometer stays the same.

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