how to check police case in uae online

How to Check Police Case in UAE Online? – A Simple Guide

Understanding the legal side of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) might seem tricky, especially when it’s about checking a police case. Yet, thanks to more online options, knowing about a police case has gotten easier.

This guide will teach you how to view a police case online using your Emirates ID. This way, you can stay updated and know your rights. Dive into the article about how to check police case in UAE online,

While the UAE has made changes to lessen the punishment for bouncing cheques, it is still a crime if there are not enough funds. Filing a complaint because of this can sometimes help get debts paid.

This approach might not always lead to prison, especially for smaller debts. It’s important to know that the complaint process can change over time, but this guide will give you the latest steps for now.

When it comes to legal matters, the UAE has two judicial branches: Federal and Local. These systems might seem complex, but they help provide fair treatment across the country. Each Emirate, like Dubai and Ras al Khaimah, has its own special courts. The local judges in each area look after legal concerns not covered by the federal courts.

Overview of Police Case Checking in UAE

The goal of police case checks online in the UAE is to make keeping up with your case easy and fast. By using your Emirates ID, you can get case details without visiting the police station. This is handy if you can’t go there or want to skip waiting in line.

Benefits of Using Emirates ID

Using your Emirates ID online to check police cases has many pluses. It’s safe because your ID is linked to your details. So, you’re sure the info you get is correct and current.

It’s also a big time saver. Instead of a trip to the police station, you can find out about your case from home or work. This is great if you’re busy or don’t live near a station.

Prerequisites for Online Case Checking

To check a police case online in the UAE, you need several key things. First, ensure you have an updated Emirates ID. You also must own a registered email address.

Plus, make sure you have an account on the official UAE Ministry of Interior website.

Required Documents

It’s essential that your Emirates ID is not expired. If it is, you won’t access the online service. Besides your Emirates ID, you need a valid email and an account on the Ministry’s website too.

Eligibility Criteria

To check the police case status online in the UAE, meet these criteria:

  • Be a UAE citizen or a resident of the UAE
  • Must possess a valid Emirates ID
  • Have a registered account on the official UAE Ministry of Interior website
  • Provide a valid email address

If you meet all these, you can check your case online. If not, you can’t use the online service.

Check Police Case Online by Emirates ID

Want to see your police case status online in the UAE? Use your Emirates ID. First, go to the UAE’s Ministry of Interior official website.

On the homepage, find the “E-Services” tab at the top. Click it. Then, pick “Police Services” from the drop-down and choose “Police Cases Inquiry.” You’ll need to select “Emirates ID” and put in your ID number. Add the code you see on the screen. Click “Submit” after entering your info.

Navigating the Case Check Service

If you’ve got active police cases, you’ll see them on the screen. This shows the case number, type, and registration date. To see more, click on the case number. You’ll need to re-enter your Emirates ID to make sure it’s you. After putting in your details, click “Submit” to view your case info.

Entering Emirates ID Details

To check police case status online in the UAE, use your Emirates ID number. Enter the verification code shown on the screen. This step keeps your information safe and accurate. Your ID links you directly to the details.

Understanding the Case Status

When you check the police case in UAE online using your Emirates ID, you’ll see the case’s current status. It might show in a table, with details like the case number and type. You will also know the date it was registered and its current condition.

Interpreting Case Information

Here are the different statuses a case can have:

  • Under Investigation (the police are still looking into it)
  • Closed (no more action is needed because it’s finished)
  • Referred to Public Prosecution (it’s sent to the public prosecutor for further action)
  • Referred to Court (the court will handle the case now)

Types of Case Outcomes

A case’s end can vary. It depends on how serious the crime was, the evidence, and the court’s decision. The outcomes might be:

  1. Acquittal (the person is found not guilty)
  2. Conviction (the court says the person is guilty)
  3. Dismissal (the case is thrown out because of lack of proof or other reasons)
  4. Settlement (the people involved agree to settle the matter)

how to check police case in uae online

How to Check Criminal Status of Financial Cases Dubai?

Want to know the criminal status of financial cases in Dubai? You can check it using your Emirates ID. This can be done online easily. Start by going to the Dubai Police official website. Then, look for the “Services” tab and choose “Criminal Status of Financial Cases”.

Here, you need to enter your Emirates ID number. Then, you pick what type of case you are interested in. Finally, click “Search” to see the case’s criminal status. You’ll also see details like the case number and its description.

If you run into any issues or have questions, reach out to Dubai Police. Keep in mind, this online service is for UAE citizens and residents only.

how to check police case in uae online

Checking Police Case Status in Different Emirates

Now, residents in Dubai can look up if they have any financial cases there. This is thanks to a new service by the Dubai Police. It lets people in the UAE check for travel bans against Dubai financial cases. Just use your Emirates ID and have your phone handy.

Abu Dhabi Judicial Department Case Status

Abu Dhabi’s judiciary unveiled Estafser, its own check system. This system helps people see if they’re involved in any legal cases or claims. You just need to put in your unified number and have your phone with you.

Sharjah Police Case Inquiry

In Sharjah, you can’t check police cases online yet. You have to go to the police station in person to get this information.

Ajman Police Case Status Check

In Ajman, you can check police cases online. Just make sure you have the case number. This number can be sent to you via SMS to your registered phone.

dubai police case status

How to Check Police Case in UAE Online?

In the UAE, presenting a cheque with no funds is a big issue. Even though penalties for this have been lessened, it’s still illegal. Filing a criminal complaint is a tool for creditors to use, but imprisonment may not happen for small amounts.

The process for making a complaint may change and varies between the Federal and Local Judiciaries. The legal system is complex, involving different types of courts, each with its own jurisdiction.

Overview of UAE Police Case Checking

The how to check police case in uae online and the uae police case management system are key for anyone in the United Arab Emirates. Knowing how they work can help you understand the legal system better. This way, you can keep track of any cases or legal matters that involve you.

Offline Methods for Checking Case Status

If you can’t check your case status online, don’t worry. You can visit a local police station or the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department in person. Take your Emirates ID card for verification. Also, have some key info ready: your Emirates ID number, the police report number (if you have it), and your date of birth.

Visiting Local Police Stations

At the police station, you can find out your case’s current status. They will tell you when the case was reported, what crime it involves, and which station it was reported to. This info is helpful if you want updates on your case or have questions.

Contacting Judicial Authorities

Or, you can reach out to the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department directly. With your Emirates ID and birthdate, they can tell you about your case’s status and any updates. This method is good for getting detailed info or if you need help with the legal process.

Whether online or offline, it’s key to have the necessary details. This way, you can easily check and stay informed about your case. Being proactive helps with any legal issues you might be dealing with.


Checking the status of a police case in the UAE online is simple and quick. However, if online access isn’t an option, contact the police station. Or get in touch with the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department.

Remember, online services for checking police case status in the UAE are getting better but may have issues. During these times, reach out to the police or the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department directly.

If you are in a criminal case in the UAE, getting a lawyer is smart. A lawyer can explain your rights and what you need to do. They will also stand up for you in court if needed.


What is the purpose of online police case checks in the UAE?

Online police case checks in the UAE are very helpful. They let people easily keep track of their cases. By using your Emirates ID, you can see your case’s status and any updates quickly and easily.

What are the benefits of using Emirates ID to check police cases online in the UAE?

Using your Emirates ID for online case checks is both secure and efficient. It saves you time because you can do it from your home or office. Plus, it’s a reliable way to get information about your case.

What documents are required to check a police case online in the UAE?

For online police case checks in the UAE, you need three things: your Emirates ID, a valid email, and an account on the Ministry of Interior’s site.

What are the eligibility criteria for checking a police case online in the UAE?

To check a case online in the UAE, you need to meet a few criteria. Firstly, you must be a citizen or resident of the UAE. Secondly, you need a valid Emirates ID. Thirdly, you must have a registered account at the Ministry of Interior. Lastly, you need a valid email account.

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