how to unsubscribe etisalat third party services

How to Unsubscribe Etisalat Third Party Services in UAE?

Are you tired of unwanted charges on your mobile bill? Do you want to regain control over your mobile services? If so, you may be wondering how to unsubscribe from Etisalat third party services in the United Arab Emirates.

In this comprehensive guide how to unsubscribe etisalat third party services in UAEĀ  we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to opt-out of these services and manage your mobile experience effectively.

But first, let’s understand what Etisalat third party services are and why it is crucial to consider unsubscribing from them. Many mobile users may not be aware of these services or may have misconceptions about them. Are they truly beneficial or just an unnecessary expense?

Join us as we delve into the world of Etisalat third party services, explore the unsubscription process, and provide tips on managing your mobile services. By the end of this article, you will have all the necessary information to take control of your mobile experience in the UAE.

How to Unsubscribe Etisalat Third Party Services in UAE? | Understanding Etisalat third party services

Before we proceed with the unsubscription process, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what Etisalat third party services are. These services are additional features and offerings provided by Etisalat in collaboration with third-party providers to enhance your mobile experience. They can include a wide range of services, such as entertainment subscriptions, gaming platforms, educational content, and more.

Etisalat third party services are billed separately from your regular mobile plan, and their charges appear on your monthly bill. These services may have their own subscription fees or charge you based on usage. It’s essential to be aware of these charges and actively manage your subscriptions to avoid any unexpected costs on your bill.

While Etisalat third party services can provide additional value and entertainment, you may want to consider unsubscribing from them for various reasons. Some users may find that they no longer require the subscribed services, while others may want to control their expenses or prioritize different aspects of their mobile usage. Unsubscribing from these services allows you to have better control over the services you receive and the associated costs.

The types of Etisalat third party services

Etisalat offers a diverse range of third party services to cater to different interests and preferences. Some popular examples include:

Service Category Description
Entertainment Includes TV show streaming, music streaming, podcast subscriptions, and more.
Gaming Offers access to online gaming platforms, in-app purchases, and exclusive game content.
Education Provides access to online courses, language learning platforms, and educational content.
Lifestyle Offers services related to health and fitness, fashion, cooking, and other lifestyle interests.

It’s important to note that the availability of specific services may vary based on your mobile plan and subscription package.

Etisalat third party services

Having an understanding of the different types of Etisalat third party services will help you make informed decisions when it comes to managing your subscriptions and optimizing your mobile experience.

Steps to unsubscribe Etisalat third party services

If you no longer wish to receive Etisalat third party services and want to avoid any unwanted charges, follow these step-by-step instructions to successfully unsubscribe:

  1. Access your Etisalat account: Log in to your Etisalat account using your registered username and password.
  2. Locate subscribed services: Once logged in, navigate to the “Services” or “Subscriptions” section on your account dashboard.
  3. Identify the third party services: Look for a list or menu that displays the various third-party services you have subscribed to.
  4. Review and opt-out: Carefully review the list and identify the specific third-party services you wish to unsubscribe from.
  5. Unsubscribe from selected services: Select the desired third-party services and look for an option or button that allows you to opt-out or unsubscribe.
  6. Confirm the unsubscription: Follow any further prompts or steps to confirm your unsubscription from the selected services.

By following these simple steps, you can easily unsubscribe from Etisalat third party services and regain control over your subscriptions.

Example Table: List of Subscribed Third Party Services

Service Name Description Unsubscribe Option
Entertainment News Alert Receive daily updates on the latest entertainment news.
Sports Highlights Get regular updates and highlights from your favorite sports.
Horoscope Predictions Receive daily horoscope readings tailored to your zodiac sign.

Refer to the table above as an example of how the list of subscribed third-party services might look on your Etisalat account, displaying the service names, descriptions, and available options to unsubscribe.

Remember to review your subscriptions periodically to stay updated and prevent any potential charges or unwanted services in the future.

unsubscribe Etisalat third party services

Managing your Etisalat mobile services

Unsubscribing from third-party services is just one aspect of effectively managing your Etisalat mobile services. To have complete control over your mobile experience and optimize your usage, consider the following tips and guidance:

1. Track your mobile usage

To better manage your Etisalat mobile services, keep track of your data, voice calls, and SMS usage. Use the Etisalat mobile app or login to your online account to regularly monitor your usage. This will help you understand your consumption patterns and make informed decisions about your mobile plan.

2. Review and customize your plan

Take the time to review your current mobile plan and evaluate if it aligns with your needs. Etisalat offers a range of plans and packages that cater to specific requirements, such as data-heavy or international calling. By customizing your plan accordingly, you can optimize your services and avoid unnecessary charges.

3. Set data usage alerts

To avoid exceeding your data limit and incurring additional charges, set up data usage alerts on your Etisalat mobile device. These alerts can be configured to notify you when you are reaching a specified data threshold. By staying aware of your data consumption, you can manage your usage more effectively.

4. Optimize your device settings

Make sure to optimize your device settings for maximum efficiency and battery life. Adjusting settings such as screen brightness, background app refresh, and push notifications can help conserve data and prolong battery life. Refer to your device’s user manual or online resources for specific instructions on optimizing settings.

5. Explore value-added services

Etisalat offers a range of value-added services that can enhance your mobile experience. These services include entertainment subscriptions, data packages, and roaming options. Take the time to explore these offerings and decide if any of them align with your needs and preferences.

6. Seek customer support

If you have any questions, concerns, or issues related to your Etisalat mobile services, don’t hesitate to reach out to their customer support team. They are available to provide assistance and guidance, ensuring that you have a seamless mobile experience.

By following these tips, you can effectively manage your Etisalat mobile services and make the most out of your mobile plan. Taking proactive steps towards managing your services will help you stay in control of your mobile experience and avoid any unexpected charges or inconveniences.

Manage Etisalat mobile services


In conclusion, unsubscribing from Etisalat third party services in the United Arab Emirates is a crucial step in effectively managing your mobile services. By following the step-by-step guide provided in this article, you can easily opt-out of any unwanted subscriptions and gain better control over your mobile experience.

Regularly reviewing your subscriptions and managing your services is essential to avoid unexpected charges. By staying proactive and keeping track of your mobile usage, you can optimize your plan and ensure that you are only paying for the services you truly need.

Remember, taking control of your Etisalat mobile services is not just about unsubscribing from third party services. It’s about understanding your options, making informed decisions, and staying on top of your mobile experience.

So, take charge of your Etisalat account today and enjoy a seamless and hassle-free mobile journey in the United Arab Emirates!


How do I unsubscribe from Etisalat third-party services in the UAE?

To unsubscribe from Etisalat third-party services in the UAE, follow these steps:
1. Dial *170# on your Etisalat mobile phone.
2. Select “My Mobile Services” from the menu.
3. Choose “Manage Services” and then “Third-Party Services”.
4. Browse through the list of subscribed services.
5. Select the service you want to unsubscribe from and follow the instructions on the screen.
6. Confirm your choice to unsubscribe.
7. You will receive a notification confirming your successful unsubscription.

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