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Logistics Companies in Dubai: Top 10 Top Logistics Companies

The United Arab Emirates’ strategic geographical location and the recent boom in the eCommerce market have created a favorable environment for numerous logistics companies to flourish in the region.

These companies, with years of shipping expertise and superior infrastructure, have enabled eCommerce businesses to have a seamless delivery supply chain and reach new consumer markets within the region and across the globe.

The rapid growth of the eCommerce industry in the UAE and the Middle East is set to boost the economy, and logistics providers in Dubai and nearby regions have been one of the most significant forces in making that possible by assisting eCommerce businesses in their daily shipping operations.

Introduction to Logistics Companies in Dubai

Dubai’s strategic geographical location at the crossroads of major trade routes has made it a convenient hub for businesses that ship goods to and from Asia, Europe, and Africa. This advantageous position, combined with the emirate’s pro-business policies and infrastructure investments, has created a favorable environment for logistics companies in Dubai to thrive.

Strategic Geographical Location of UAE

The United Arab Emirates, with Dubai as its commercial center, enjoys a unique geographical advantage. Situated at the intersection of major shipping lanes, the UAE serves as a vital freight forwarders dubai and supply chain management dubai hub, connecting the East and the West.

This strategic location allows logistics providers to efficiently manage the transportation dubai and distribution centers dubai of goods to and from a vast array of international markets.

Boom of the eCommerce Market

The rapid growth of the eCommerce industry in the UAE has been a significant driver for the logistics sector. As more consumers turn to online shopping, third-party logistics providers dubai have been instrumental in assisting e-commerce businesses with their daily cargo handling dubai and import export dubai operations.

Logistics companies in Dubai have stepped up to meet the increasing demand for reliable and efficient warehousing services dubai.

Rapid Growth of eCommerce Industry

The UAE’s eCommerce market has experienced a remarkable surge in recent years, with online sales expected to reach $27 billion by 2022. This rapid growth has been fueled by the country’s high internet and smartphone penetration, as well as a young, tech-savvy population.

Logistics providers in Dubai have been at the forefront of this eCommerce boom, offering innovative solutions to help online retailers streamline their supply chain and delivery processes.

Dubai logistics companies

Top Logistics Companies in Dubai

Dubai, the bustling commercial hub of the United Arab Emirates, is home to a diverse array of logistics companies that play a crucial role in the region’s economic growth. These freight forwarders, supply chain management experts, and transportation providers help ensure the efficient movement of goods, materials, and resources throughout the emirate and beyond.

The logistics companies in Dubai offer a wide range of services, including warehousing, distribution centers, and cargo handling, catering to the needs of both local and international businesses. These third-party logistics providers are instrumental in facilitating import export operations, contributing to Dubai’s status as a global trade and supply chain management hub.

The rapid growth of the eCommerce industry in the UAE has further increased the demand for reliable and innovative logistics companies in Dubai. These companies are leveraging cutting-edge technologies and data-driven solutions to optimize the delivery process, offering services such as same-day and next-day deliveries, as well as returns management for online retailers.

From multinational giants to agile startups, the logistics companies in Dubai are continuously evolving to meet the changing needs of businesses and consumers. By streamlining the supply chain, reducing costs, and ensuring timely deliveries, these companies play a vital role in shaping the future of Dubai’s thriving commercial landscape.

“The logistics industry in Dubai is a driving force behind the emirate’s rapid economic growth, enabling businesses to reach new heights in efficiency and competitiveness.”

logistics companies in dubai

Aramex – Leading Logistics Provider in the Arab World

Aramex, the leading logistics provider in the Arab world, has established a strong presence in Dubai, offering a comprehensive suite of ecommerce services to startups and enterprises alike. With its strategic geographical location and extensive network, Aramex has become a go-to partner for businesses of all sizes looking to expand their reach and streamline their logistics operations.

eCommerce Services for Startups and Enterprises

Aramex’s ecommerce services cater to the diverse needs of both startups and established enterprises. For ecommerce startups in Dubai, Aramex offers seamless integration with popular shopping cart platforms, such as MartJack, Shopify, and WooCommerce, among others.

This allows businesses to effortlessly manage their online orders and leverage Aramex’s robust delivery network to reach customers across the region.

For enterprises with high-volume ecommerce operations, Aramex provides a suite of warehousing and fulfilment services, ensuring efficient order processing, storage, and delivery. By partnering with Aramex, these businesses can focus on their core competencies while the logistics experts handle the complex aspects of their supply chain.

Shopping Cart Integrations

Aramex’s ecommerce services include versatile shopping cart integrations, making it easy for businesses to connect their online stores with Aramex’s delivery network. Whether you’re using a popular platform like Shopify or a custom-built shopping cart, Aramex’s API integrations ensure a seamless and streamlined checkout process for your customers.

Shield Service for Shipping Insurance

One of the standout features of Aramex’s offerings is the Shield Service, which provides comprehensive shipping insurance on all deliveries. This added layer of protection gives businesses and their customers peace of mind, knowing that their shipments are secured against potential losses or damages during transit.

Aramex’s commitment to customer satisfaction, combined with its extensive experience in the Arab logistics market, makes it a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes looking to expand their ecommerce operations in Dubai and the wider region.

aramex dubai

Contact Information:

Category Details
Website https://www.aramex.com/ae/en
Aramex Outlet – IBN Battuta Mall
Contact Number 971 (600544000)

Barq Express – Efficient Delivery Management

Barq Express, a prominent logistics company in the Dubai and GCC region, has been making waves in the industry since its inception in 2014. With its innovative approach to delivery management, Barq Express has become a preferred partner for businesses and consumers alike.

Unified Tracking Number

One of the hallmarks of Barq Express’ delivery services is its unified tracking number. Customers can easily monitor the status of their shipments across all distribution networks, providing them with a seamless and transparent experience. This feature eliminates the hassle of juggling multiple tracking numbers, allowing for a more efficient and streamlined logistics process.

BarqApp for Order Handling

Barq Express has also developed a user-friendly mobile application, BarqApp, that empowers customers to handle their orders with ease. Whether it’s managing Cash on Delivery (COD) transactions or tracking the progress of their shipments, the BarqApp puts the power in the hands of the customer, ensuring a convenient and accessible delivery experience.

Hyperlocal and 2-Hour Deliveries

One of the standout features of Barq Express is its commitment to providing hyperlocal and 2-hour deliveries within Dubai. This rapid delivery option caters to the growing demand for instant gratification in the eCommerce landscape, making Barq Express a preferred choice for businesses and consumers seeking timely and efficient logistics solutions.

Through its innovative offerings, Barq Express has solidified its position as a leading player in the Barq Express Dubai logistics industry.

By prioritizing customer satisfaction, streamlining order management, and offering lightning-fast delivery options, the company has become a trusted partner for businesses and individuals navigating the dynamic barq express unified tracking, barq express mobile app, and barq express hyperlocal delivery landscape in the region.

Contact Information:

Category Details
Website https://www.barqexpress.ae/
Address Shed No. 5, Dubai Investments Park (DIP 1) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Contact Number +971 4 225 8557

United Parcel Service (UPS) – Global Logistics Giant

As a global logistics powerhouse, UPS has firmly established its presence in Dubai, providing comprehensive shipping, tracking, and contract logistics services to ecommerce businesses across the region.

With its advanced technology and extensive network, UPS has become the go-to partner for online retailers seeking reliable and efficient solutions to meet the demands of the booming ups ecommerce shipping market.

One of the key advantages of working with UPS is the convenience it offers. Ecommerce companies in Dubai can conveniently check ups dubai shipping rates directly on their website and request quotes for specialized services, seamlessly integrating the carrier platform with their existing delivery management systems.

This streamlined approach ensures a seamless delivery experience for both businesses and their customers.

In addition to its ecommerce expertise, UPS also excels in the realm of ups freight shipping, offering air and ocean freight solutions to cater to the diverse needs of businesses. Ecommerce companies can schedule convenient pickup times with UPS, further simplifying the logistics process and ensuring timely deliveries.

“UPS has been a trusted partner in our ecommerce journey, ensuring our customers receive their orders promptly and with the utmost care. Their innovative solutions and global reach have been instrumental in the growth of our business.”

As the global logistics giant continues to expand its footprint in Dubai, ecommerce businesses can expect to benefit from UPS’s unparalleled expertise, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences. With its robust infrastructure and tailored solutions, UPS is poised to play a pivotal role in the continued success of the ups dubai, ups ecommerce shipping, and ups freight shipping industries in the region.

Contact Information:

Category Details
Website https://www.ups.com/ae/en/Home.page
Contact Number  04 381 5200

Careem – Logistics Services by Ride-Hailing Company

Careem, a subsidiary of the US-based ride-hailing giant Uber, has expanded its operations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to include logistics services. Leveraging its network of self-driven cars and bikes operated by a fleet of riders, Careem now offers efficient delivery solutions to eCommerce businesses in Dubai.

Bike Deliveries in Dubai

One of Careem’s key logistics offerings is its bike delivery service, which has become a popular option for quick and nimble deliveries across the bustling city of Dubai. Careem’s network of bike riders strategically positioned throughout the city can pick up and drop off packages with remarkable speed and agility, catering to the needs of both startups and established eCommerce players.

45-Minute Delivery Options

Careem’s logistics arm boasts the ability to deliver orders within 45 minutes, a testament to the company’s dedication to providing careem fast delivery services. This rapid delivery turnaround is particularly appealing to eCommerce businesses seeking to enhance their customer experience and stay competitive in the careem logistics dubai market.

By leveraging its extensive network of bike riders and real-time logistics management, Careem has carved out a unique niche in the careem bike delivery segment, offering a compelling alternative to traditional logistics providers in the region.

“Careem’s logistics services have been a game-changer for our online retail business. The speed and reliability of their careem fast delivery have allowed us to exceed our customers’ expectations and stay ahead of the competition.”

– John Doe, eCommerce Manager, ABC Enterprises

Contact Information:

Category Details
Website https://www.careem.com/en-AE/express/
Address Al Shatha Tower – 4004 Al Falak St – Al Sufouh – Dubai Media City – Dubai
Contact Number 04 440 5220

Logistics Companies in Dubai

In the dynamic landscape of Dubai’s logistics industry, one name that stands out is SMSA Express. With over two decades of experience, this renowned company has carved a niche for itself as a trusted partner for eCommerce businesses across the region.

SMSA Express: Streamlining Warehouse Operations and Delivery

SMSA Express is renowned for its robust warehouse management and efficient delivery services. The company’s extensive network of warehouses in Dubai and the surrounding region allows it to cater to the diverse needs of eCommerce businesses, from SMSA  express dubai to SMSA express warehouse operations.

SMSA Express takes pride in its timely deliveries, a testament to its commitment to customer satisfaction. With a proven track record spanning two decades, the company has earned the trust of countless businesses, making it a reliable choice for their  SMSA express product returns and logistics requirements.

Empowering Customer Happiness through Seamless Returns Management

In addition to its exemplary warehouse management and delivery services, SMSA Express also excels in managing product returns. The company’s customer-centric approach ensures that the returns process is streamlined and hassle-free, allowing businesses to focus on delivering exceptional experiences to their customers.

By leveraging its extensive logistics network and dedicated team, SMSA Express has become a trusted partner for eCommerce businesses seeking to optimize their operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

“SMSA Express has been a game-changer for our eCommerce business. Their reliable warehouse management and timely deliveries have helped us scale our operations with confidence.”

– Jane Doe, Founder of Acme Online Retail

Contact Information:

Category Details
Website https://www.smsaexpress.com/
Address  67 Airport Rd – Al Garhoud – Dubai
Contact Number  04 606 9099

Naqel Express – Tailored Shipping Solutions

As a leading logistics provider in the Middle East, Naqel Express has been offering tailored shipping solutions since 1992. With a strong presence across Asia, Europe, and Africa, the company has become a trusted partner for eCommerce businesses in Dubai looking to scale up their operations.

Cash on Delivery for Bulk Shipping

One of the key advantages of working with Naqel Express is their ability to accommodate cash on delivery (COD) payments for bulk shipping. This feature is particularly beneficial for larger enterprises that require flexible payment options to cater to their customers’ preferences.

By offering COD, Naqel Express simplifies the checkout process and enhances the overall customer experience for eCommerce stores in Dubai.

Expertise in Technical Logistics

Naqel Express has developed extensive expertise in technical logistics, providing comprehensive warehouse management and stock-keeping services.

The company’s specialized teams and infrastructure ensure that eCommerce businesses in Dubai can tailor their shipping solutions to the specific requirements of their industry. Whether it’s delicate electronics, heavy machinery, or perishable goods, Naqel Express can handle the logistical challenges with precision and efficiency.

Service Description
Warehouse Management Naqel Express offers state-of-the-art warehouse facilities and inventory management services to help eCommerce businesses in Dubai streamline their operations.
Technical Logistics The company’s specialized teams and equipment ensure the safe and timely delivery of complex, high-value, or sensitive shipments across various industries.
Cash on Delivery Naqel Express provides flexible payment options, including cash on delivery, to cater to the diverse needs of eCommerce customers in Dubai.

“Naqel Express has been an invaluable partner in our eCommerce journey. Their technical expertise and tailored shipping solutions have enabled us to scale our business with confidence.”

Contact Information:

Category Details
17th Street, Umm Ramool, Dubai Logistic cluster – D01, DubaiCommerCity
Contact Number  971 43131800
Mail Id uaecare@naqel.com.sa

FedEx – Comprehensive Logistics Solutions

FedEx, the multinational logistics and supply chain management company, has established itself as a trusted partner for eCommerce businesses of all sizes in Dubai. Known for its comprehensive logistics solutions, FedEx offers a wide range of services tailored to the needs of online retailers, including picking, packing, delivering, tracking, and substantial shipment management.

Temperature-Controlled Warehouses

One of the key advantages FedEx provides to eCommerce companies in Dubai is its network of temperature-controlled warehouses. These specialized facilities allow online stores to maintain the integrity and quality of their temperature-sensitive products, ensuring a seamless and reliable delivery experience for their customers.

FedEx’s fedex temperature controlled warehouses give eCommerce businesses the flexibility to carry out their activities without worrying about the impact of Dubai’s warm climate on their inventory.

eCommerce Returns Management

In addition to its robust delivery capabilities, FedEx also offers comprehensive fedex ecommerce returns management services. This is particularly crucial for online retailers, as handling returns can be a complex and time-consuming task.

FedEx’s eCommerce returns management solutions streamline the process, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations while ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With its strategic presence in Dubai and a deep understanding of the eCommerce landscape, FedEx remains a trusted choice for fedex dubai businesses seeking efficient and reliable logistics support.

By leveraging FedEx’s extensive global network and expertise, online retailers in the region can optimize their operations, enhance their customer experience, and drive the growth of their fedex dubai eCommerce ventures.

Contact Information:

Category Details
Website https://local.fedex.com/en-ae/dubai
Dubai Internet City- 3
Contact Number 800 0150001


Dubai’s strategic location and booming eCommerce industry have attracted top logistics providers like Aramex, Barq Express, UPS, Fetchr, Careem, SMSA Express, Naqel Express, Zajil Express, and FedEx. These companies offer comprehensive supply chain solutions and warehousing services, enabling eCommerce businesses to expand into new markets and enhance customer experiences.

By assessing factors such as serviceability, rates, tracking, delivery options, payment methods, and customer support, online retailers in Dubai can select the right logistics partners to drive their growth.

With a focus on evolving needs in industries like import-export and cargo handling, leading freight forwarders and third-party logistics providers in Dubai have established robust supply chain management and distribution centers.

Dubai’s role as a global logistics hub continues to strengthen, providing eCommerce businesses with opportunities to access new markets and optimize their operations for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.


What are the top logistics companies in Dubai?

The top logistics companies in Dubai include Aramex, Barq Express, UPS, Fetchr, Careem, SMSA Express, Naqel Express, Zajil Express, and FedEx. These companies offer comprehensive logistics solutions, freight forwarding, and warehousing services to support the growing ecommerce industry in the region.

What services do these logistics companies provide?

The top logistics companies in Dubai offer a range of services, including shipping, tracking, contract logistics, warehouse management, returns management, and specialized delivery options like hyperlocal and same-day/next-day delivery. They also provide integrations with popular ecommerce platforms and shipping insurance services.

How has Dubai’s strategic location and the ecommerce boom impacted the logistics industry?

Dubai’s strategic geographical location at the crossroads of major trade routes, coupled with the rapid growth of the ecommerce market in the UAE and the Middle East, has created a favorable environment for logistics companies to thrive in the region. This has enabled ecommerce businesses to have a seamless delivery supply chain and reach newer consumer markets globally.

What are the key features and benefits offered by some of the top logistics providers in Dubai?

Aramex provides ecommerce services for startups and enterprises, including shopping cart integrations and a Shield Service for shipping insurance. Barq Express offers a unified tracking number, a mobile app for order handling, and hyperlocal/2-hour deliveries. UPS, Fetchr, Careem, and other logistics companies in Dubai provide features like shipping analytics, scalable solutions, bike deliveries, and temperature-controlled warehouses to cater to the needs of ecommerce businesses.

How can ecommerce businesses in Dubai choose the right logistics partner?

When selecting a logistics partner in Dubai, ecommerce businesses should carefully evaluate factors like serviceability, shipping rates, order tracking, delivery options, payment methods, and customer service. By choosing the right logistics provider, online retailers can support the growth and success of their businesses by ensuring seamless delivery and a great customer experience.

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