what is emaar in dubai

What is Emaar in Dubai?

Emaar Properties, also known as Emaar, is a pioneering real estate development company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Established in 1997 by chairman Mohamed Alabbar, Emaar is a public joint-stock company listed on the Dubai Financial Market.

With a valuation of US$16.8 billion as of August 2023, Emaar is one of the largest real estate developers in the UAE, known for its iconic projects such as Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

Emaar operates in six business segments and has a diverse portfolio of commercial and residential properties, malls, and hospitality projects. The company is dedicated to creating upscale lifestyle communities and delivering exceptional real estate developments in Dubai and beyond.

Read on to learn more about Emaar’s projects in Dubai, its company profile, financial performance, global expansion, social responsibility initiatives, and why its properties continue to be in high demand.

What is Emaar in Dubai?

Emaar, a renowned real estate development company in Dubai, has successfully undertaken numerous projects across the city, showcasing its architectural prowess and commitment to excellence. These projects span various locations, offering a diverse range of residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties.

Some notable projects by Emaar in Dubai include:

  1. Burj Khalifa – The iconic symbol of Dubai and the tallest building in the world.
  2. The Dubai Mall – A world-class shopping destination and the largest mall in the world by total area.
  3. Dubai Marina – A waterfront community known for its stunning skyline and luxurious living.
  4. Arabian Ranches – A gated community offering spacious villas and townhouses.
  5. The Greens – A vibrant residential community surrounded by lush greenery.
  6. The Springs – A peaceful neighborhood featuring beautiful townhouses and villas.
  7. Downtown Dubai – A thriving district that houses the Burj Khalifa and offers a mix of residential, commercial, and entertainment options.

Emaar continues to innovate and introduce new projects, aiming to redefine the standards of modern living. With regular construction updates, investors and prospective buyers can stay informed about the progress and timeline of each development, ensuring transparency and confidence in their investment.

Emaar Dubai Projects

Example Table: Emaar Dubai Projects Overview

Project Name Location Property Type
Burj Khalifa Downtown Dubai Residential and Commercial
The Dubai Mall Downtown Dubai Retail and Entertainment
Dubai Marina Dubai Marina Residential and Commercial
Arabian Ranches Arabian Ranches Residential
The Greens The Greens Residential
The Springs The Springs Residential
Downtown Dubai Downtown Dubai Residential, Commercial, and Entertainment

Emaar’s Company Profile and Subsidiaries

Emaar, the renowned real estate development company based in Dubai, boasts a diverse portfolio and a vast scope of operations. With over 60 active companies under its umbrella, Emaar has established itself as a leader in the industry. Let’s explore some of its notable subsidiaries:

Emaar Developments

Emaar Developments is dedicated to creating iconic residential and commercial properties that redefine luxury living and working spaces. From innovative architectural designs to sustainable features, Emaar Developments sets new standards in the real estate industry. Its projects attract investors and buyers who appreciate quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Emaar Malls

Emaar Malls is a subsidiary focused on enhancing the retail experience in Dubai. With a portfolio that includes world-class shopping destinations such as The Dubai Mall and Dubai Marina Mall, Emaar Malls is synonymous with luxury shopping, entertainment, and hospitality. It collaborates with global brands and brings unique retail concepts to Dubai, catering to diverse consumer preferences.

Emaar Dubai Mall

Emaar Hospitality

Emaar Hospitality plays a pivotal role in the development and operation of upscale hotels, resorts, and serviced residences. This subsidiary ensures guests experience exceptional service, exceptional facilities, and unparalleled luxury. With properties such as Address Hotels + Resorts, Vida Hotels and Resorts, and Rove Hotels, Emaar Hospitality has become synonymous with world-class hospitality experiences in Dubai and beyond.

These subsidiaries, among others, illustrate Emaar’s commitment to excellence and its ability to cater to diverse needs within the real estate industry. By diversifying its operations, Emaar has established a strong presence across various sectors, propelling Dubai’s growth and reputation as a global powerhouse.

Emaar’s Financial Performance and Revenue

Emaar has established itself as a leader in the real estate industry, thanks to its consistent financial performance and impressive revenue generation. In 2017 alone, the company reported a staggering revenue of US$8.5 billion, confirming its position as a key player in the market.

The success of Emaar can be attributed to its diverse portfolio of properties, catering to the needs and preferences of both local and international buyers. From luxurious residential properties to commercial spaces that cater to businesses of all sizes, Emaar has a wide range of offerings that attract investors from around the world.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of Emaar’s prestigious properties in Dubai, the company provides multiple platforms and contact details for sales inquiries. Whether you prefer browsing their website or reaching out to their dedicated sales team, Emaar ensures that you have easy access to all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Emaar Dubai Contact Details:

  • Phone: +971 2 4101000
  • Email: sales@emaar.com
  • Website: www.emaar.com

Emaar’s Global Expansion and International Projects

While Emaar is widely recognized for its groundbreaking projects in Dubai, the company has also made significant strides in international markets. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Emaar has ventured into numerous countries, creating world-class developments that showcase the company’s expertise and dedication.

“Our global expansion is a testament to Emaar’s vision of creating iconic projects that transcend borders and redefine urban landscapes,” says Mohamed Alabbar, Chairman of Emaar Properties.

Emaar’s international projects encompass various countries, each with its unique cultural and architectural characteristics. These ventures not only contribute to the global real estate sector but also establish Emaar as a trusted and influential player on the world stage.

Pakistan: Islamabad Grand Mosque

In Pakistan, Emaar’s Islamabad Grand Mosque is an architectural marvel that blends contemporary design with traditional Islamic influences. The mosque’s magnificent domes and intricate calligraphy make it a symbol of religious devotion and cultural heritage.

India: The Chennai Waterfront

Emaar’s Chennai Waterfront project in India showcases the company’s commitment to sustainable urban development. Located on the banks of the Bay of Bengal, this waterfront development harmoniously combines residential, commercial, and recreational spaces, offering a vibrant and dynamic community.

Jordan: The Boulevard, Amman

In Jordan, Emaar’s project, The Boulevard, in Amman, exemplifies the company’s dedication to creating integrated communities. The Boulevard features luxurious residences, retail outlets, and entertainment options, providing residents with a modern and convenient lifestyle.

Egypt: Uptown Cairo

Uptown Cairo in Egypt epitomizes Emaar’s commitment to developing prestigious residential communities. Situated at the heart of the capital, Uptown Cairo offers a privileged lifestyle surrounded by scenic landscapes, world-class amenities, and a vibrant cultural scene.

Lebanon: Emaar Square, Beirut

Emaar Square in Beirut, Lebanon, is a prime example of Emaar’s ability to transform urban spaces. This mixed-use development combines residential, commercial, and retail components, reinvigorating the cityscape and contributing to Beirut’s economic growth.

Morocco: Amelkis Resorts, Marrakech

Amelkis Resorts in Marrakech, Morocco, showcases Emaar’s commitment to creating luxurious and immersive experiences. Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, the resort offers upscale residential properties, internationally renowned golf courses, and state-of-the-art wellness facilities.

United States: The Address Residences, New York

In the United States, Emaar’s Address Residences project in New York City presents a coveted opportunity to own prestigious residences in one of the world’s most iconic cities. Fusing luxury with sophistication, these residences redefine urban living.

Saudi Arabia: Jeddah Gate

Jeddah Gate in Saudi Arabia represents Emaar’s commitment to shaping the urban fabric of the Kingdom. Combining residential, retail, and hospitality components, Jeddah Gate establishes a thriving community in the heart of Jeddah, creating unparalleled opportunities for residents and businesses alike.

Syria: Emaar City Stars, Damascus

Emaar City Stars in Damascus, Syria, is a transformative project that revitalizes urban living in the city. This integrated development encompasses residential, commercial, and entertainment components, breathing new life into Damascus’ historical and cultural heritage.

Iraqi Kurdistan: Emaar Square, Erbil

Emaar Square in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, epitomizes Emaar’s commitment to pioneering real estate projects. By introducing a world-class development to the city, Emaar Square establishes Erbil as a regional hub for business, leisure, and lifestyle.

Turkey: Emaar Square, Istanbul

In Turkey, Emaar Square in Istanbul is a testament to Emaar’s expertise in creating dynamic mixed-use developments. Set in the heart of Istanbul, Emaar Square seamlessly integrates residential, commercial, and hotel elements, enriching the urban fabric of this vibrant city.

With their diverse range of projects across the globe, Emaar continues to redefine the boundaries of real estate development, leaving an indelible mark on the world’s most prominent cities.

emaar building dubai

Country Project
Pakistan Islamabad Grand Mosque
India The Chennai Waterfront
Jordan The Boulevard, Amman
Egypt Uptown Cairo
Lebanon Emaar Square, Beirut
Morocco Amelkis Resorts, Marrakech
United States The Address Residences, New York
Saudi Arabia Jeddah Gate
Syria Emaar City Stars, Damascus
Iraqi Kurdistan Emaar Square, Erbil
Turkey Emaar Square, Istanbul

Emaar’s Social Responsibility and Philanthropic Initiatives

Emaar, as a prominent real estate development company in Dubai, recognizes the importance of social responsibility and actively engages in various philanthropic initiatives. With a strong commitment to giving back to society, Emaar has established the Emaar Foundation to support organizations that make a positive impact on communities locally and globally.

The Emaar Foundation focuses on partnering with organizations that align with its values and mission. Some of the notable initiatives supported by the foundation include:

  1. The United Nations’ World Food Programme: Emaar collaborates with the World Food Programme in their efforts to alleviate hunger and promote food security in vulnerable communities.
  2. Dubai Cares: Emaar works closely with Dubai Cares, a philanthropic organization, to support education programs and initiatives that empower children and youth.
  3. The Dream for Future Africa Foundation: Emaar partners with this foundation to support various social and environmental causes in Africa, promoting sustainability and community development.

Emaar’s commitment to social responsibility extends beyond philanthropic initiatives. The company actively promotes career opportunities in Dubai, attracting talented individuals to join its workforce and contribute to the company’s growth and success. Emaar values diversity, innovation, and collaboration, creating an inclusive work environment that fosters personal and professional growth.

With a focus on sustainability and community development, Emaar continuously strives to make a positive impact beyond its real estate endeavors. Through its philanthropic initiatives and dedication to social responsibility, Emaar sets an example for other companies to follow, leading by example in creating a better future for Dubai and the world.


Emaar, the iconic real estate development company in Dubai, has left an indelible mark on the city’s skyline, creating world-class destinations that have elevated Dubai’s growth and its reputation as a global city.

From the magnificent Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, to the development of upscale lifestyle communities, Emaar showcases its commitment to excellence, innovative designs, and sustainable practices. These qualities have made Emaar synonymous with quality, luxury, and unparalleled success.

Emaar’s properties and projects in Dubai are highly sought after, enticing individuals with the opportunity to own prestigious residences and immerse themselves in vibrant communities. Whether for investment or personal use, Emaar properties in Dubai continue to be in high demand, attracting buyers from around the world who desire a slice of the Dubai dream.

Emaar’s contributions to Dubai’s landscape and its ongoing pursuit of architectural and developmental excellence have cemented its fame and status as one of the most revered real estate companies in the world. With Emaar, Dubai’s skyline will continue to evolve, creating new horizons for its residents and visitors alike.

What projects has Emaar undertaken in Dubai?

Emaar has undertaken numerous projects in Dubai, including Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina, Arabian Ranches, The Greens, The Springs, and Downtown Dubai.

What is Emaar’s company profile and its subsidiaries?

Emaar has a diverse portfolio of subsidiaries, including Emaar Developments, Emaar Malls, Emaar Hospitality, Emaar Hotels & Resorts, Emaar Retail, and Emaar Community Management, among others.

What international projects has Emaar undertaken?

Emaar has projects in countries such as Pakistan, India, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraqi Kurdistan, and Turkey.

What philanthropic initiatives is Emaar involved in?

Emaar has established the Emaar Foundation, supporting organizations such as the United Nations’ World Food Programme, Dubai Cares, and the Dream for Future Africa Foundation.

What makes Emaar famous, and what properties are available for sale in Dubai?

Emaar is famous for its iconic projects like Burj Khalifa. Emaar offers a range of prestigious properties for sale in Dubai. For more information, you can contact Emaar directly.

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