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What Time is Jummah in Dubai? | Schedule Updates

Are you wondering What Time is Jummah in Dubai ? The timing of Jummah prayer in Dubai has recently been adjusted to accommodate the new working week. Traditionally, Jummah prayers in Dubai began at dhuhr, around noon to 12:30 pm, depending on the season. However, starting from January 1, 2022, there has been a change in the Jummah prayer schedule. Friday prayers in Dubai now begin at 1:15 pm. This adjustment allows government employees to attend the mosque for Jummah prayers without any conflict with their work schedules.

Now, every Friday, the Jummah prayer sermon (khutbah) starts at 1:15 pm, followed by the congregational prayer. This change has been made to align with the new weekend schedule for public sector workers. So, if you’re in Dubai and want to participate in Jummah prayers, make sure to note the new timing.

Stay tuned to find out more about Islamic prayers and their importance in the upcoming sections of this article.

What Time is Jummah in Dubai? – Understanding Islamic Prayers and Timings

In Islam, there are five obligatory prayers to be performed throughout the day: Fajr (dawn), Dhuhr (midday), Asr (afternoon), Maghrib (sunset), and Isha (evening). These prayers are based on the solar cycle and were determined by Prophet Mohammed. Each prayer has specific timings, and Muslims are encouraged to pray immediately once the call to prayer (adhan) is heard.

In Dubai, prayer timings are as follows:

Prayer Timings
Fajr 4:27 am
Sunrise 5:45 am
Dhuhr 12:22 pm
Asr 3:48 pm
Maghrib 6:54 pm
Isha 8:12 pm

It’s important to note that Jummah prayers are held on Fridays and have a specific timing of 1:15 pm in Dubai.

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Importance and Significance of Jummah Prayer

Jummah prayer holds special importance for Muslims as it is considered the most significant prayer of the week. Muslims gather in mosques on Fridays for Jummah prayers, with men being obligated to attend and women being welcome but not obligated. The Jummah prayer starts with a sermon (khutbah) delivered by an Imam, focusing on a passage from the Quran and discussing a particular religious topic. The congregational prayer follows the sermon and is led by the Imam.

In Dubai, the Jummah prayer timing is fixed at 1:15 pm throughout the year, allowing government workers to attend without any conflict with their half-day of work.

“Jummah prayer provides a unique opportunity for Muslims to come together as a community, seeking blessings and spiritual nourishment. It is a time to reflect on the teachings of Islam, gain guidance from the Imam’s sermon, and reconnect with our Creator.”

Attending Jummah prayer not only fulfills a religious obligation but also offers numerous spiritual benefits. It provides an opportunity for Muslims to strengthen their faith, seek forgiveness, and find solace in the company of fellow believers. Additionally, the Jummah prayer holds a special place in the hearts of Muslims as it is a time when supplications are more likely to be accepted.

Overall, the Jummah prayer serves as a reminder of the importance of worship, unity, and reflection within the Muslim community. It plays a vital role in nurturing the spiritual well-being of individuals and fostering a sense of belonging and connection.

Importance of Jummah Khutbah

The Jummah khutbah, or sermon, is an integral part of the Jummah prayer. It serves as a platform for the Imam to guide and educate the congregation on various aspects of faith and life. The khutbah typically starts with praise and glorification of Allah, followed by recitation of Quranic verses and hadiths (sayings of Prophet Muhammad).

The content of the khutbah can vary, addressing contemporary issues and providing moral and ethical guidance. The sermon is delivered in the local language to ensure clear communication and maximum understanding by the worshippers.

Through the khutbah, the Imam aims to inspire and motivate the congregation to live a righteous life, adhere to Islamic principles, and contribute positively to society. The sermon serves as a source of knowledge, motivation, and spiritual guidance for the worshippers.

Attending the Jummah khutbah not only fulfills a religious obligation but also offers the opportunity to gain valuable insights, learn from Islamic teachings, and strengthen one’s faith.

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Islamic Prayers and Rituals

Islamic prayers are an integral part of the Muslim faith, and they encompass specific rituals and rules that believers follow. These prayers, including Jummah prayer, require Muslims to perform certain actions and observe particular positions. Here are some key aspects of Islamic prayers and rituals:

  1. Wudu: Before every prayer, Muslims perform ablution (Wudu) to purify themselves. Wudu involves cleansing specific body parts, such as the face, hands, and feet.
  2. Five Daily Obligatory Prayers: Muslims are required to perform five daily obligatory prayers, known as Salah or Salat. These prayers have different units (rakahs) and must be performed at specific times throughout the day. They include:
  • Fajr: The dawn prayer, performed before sunrise.
  • Dhuhr: The midday prayer, performed after the sun reaches its zenith.
  • Asr: The afternoon prayer, performed in the late afternoon.
  • Maghrib: The sunset prayer, performed immediately after the sun sets.
  • Isha: The evening prayer, performed after twilight.
  • Positions and Movements: During prayer, Muslims assume specific positions and movements. These include:
  • Qiyaam: The standing position.
  • Rukuh: The bowing down position.
  • Sajdah: The prostration position, where the forehead touches the ground.
  • Tashahud: The sitting position, where specific supplications and praises are recited.
  • Sunnah and Nafl Prayers: Apart from the obligatory prayers, there are voluntary prayers known as Sunnah and Nafl prayers. These prayers are considered meritorious and can earn additional rewards.
  • The Quran: The Quran is the holy book of Islam, believed to be the word of Allah. It provides Muslims with guidance for their daily lives and serves as a source of spiritual wisdom.

The Islamic prayer schedule in Dubai adheres to the prescribed prayer timings, ensuring that practicing Muslims can devoutly observe their daily prayers.

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Jummah prayer is a significant aspect of Islamic worship in Dubai. The timing of Jummah prayer has been adjusted to accommodate the new working week, allowing Muslims to attend prayers at 1:15 pm every Friday. This change ensures that Muslims can fulfill their religious obligations while also accommodating their work schedules. In addition to Jummah prayer, Muslims in Dubai follow specific timings for other obligatory prayers throughout the day, including Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha.

The Islamic prayer timings in Dubai are essential for Muslims to maintain a regular prayer routine and stay connected to their faith. By following the prescribed prayer timings, Muslims strengthen their relationship with Allah and find spiritual fulfillment. Prayer timings can be referred to through sources such as “Khaleej Times” to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Overall, the adjustment of Jummah prayer timing in Dubai reflects the importance of religious practices and the effort to accommodate the needs of Muslim individuals in their daily lives. By providing a dedicated time for Jummah prayer, Muslims can gather in mosques and fulfill their spiritual obligations, fostering a sense of community and devotion.


What time is Jummah in Dubai?

Jummah prayer in Dubai starts at 1:15 pm.

What are the Dubai Jummah timings?

Jummah prayer begins at 1:15 pm in Dubai.

What is the Jummah khutbah time?

The khutbah (sermon) for Jummah prayer in Dubai begins at 1:15 pm.

What is the Jummah salah time in Dubai?

The Jummah salah (congregational prayer) is held at 1:15 pm in Dubai.

What time is Juma prayer in Dubai?

Juma prayer in Dubai starts at 1:15 pm.

What time is Jummah in Dubai today?

Jummah prayer in Dubai today is at 1:15 pm.

What time is Jummah in Dubai Sharjah?

Jummah prayer in Dubai Sharjah is at 1:15 pm.

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