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Book Sharjah Taxi: Reliable and Affordable Transportation

Hiring a taxi in Sharjah is an excellent way to explore the emirate. There are various ways to book a taxi in Sharjah. As opposed to how RTA manages taxis in Dubai, privately licensed operators manage taxis in Sharjah. Explore the article that gives information about book sharjah taxi.

However, there are four companies currently providing taxi services in the Emirate under the supervision of Sharjah Road and Transport Authority (SRTA). This franchise model with more than 5000 cars operating creates a competitive environment to improve the service.

Ways to Book a Sharjah Taxi

Booking a taxi in Sharjah has never been easier, with multiple convenient options available to cater to the diverse needs of residents and visitors. Whether you prefer the traditional phone booking or the modern convenience of mobile apps, the Sharjah taxi service offers a range of booking methods to ensure a seamless transportation experience.

Phone Booking

For those who prefer a personal touch, the Sharjah taxi service offers a reliable phone booking option. Passengers can call the dedicated taxi hotline and speak with a customer service representative to book their ride, providing details such as their pick-up location, destination, and any special requests. This method is well-suited for those who appreciate direct communication and prefer to have a human interaction when booking their sharjah taxi.

Taxi Butler Service

Sharjah also offers a unique Taxi Butler service, which caters to the needs of busy professionals and those who prefer a more personalized taxi booking experience. Through this service, passengers can request a dedicated taxi driver to be on call for their specific transportation needs, ensuring a reliable and consistent service. This option is particularly useful for individuals who have a regular commute or require frequent taxi transportation within Sharjah.

Ladies-only Taxi Booking

Recognizing the importance of safety and comfort for female passengers, the Sharjah taxi service provides a dedicated ladies-only booking option. Passengers can request a female driver to chauffeur them to their destination, creating a more secure and private transportation experience. This service is especially beneficial for women traveling alone or with children, offering peace of mind and a tailored solution to their transportation requirements.

Airport Taxi Booking

Traveling to or from the Sharjah International Airport? The Sharjah taxi service offers a convenient airport taxi booking option, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for passengers. Travelers can pre-book their taxi for airport transfers, either through the phone or by utilizing the Sharjah taxi booking app. This service not only provides a reliable and punctual transportation solution but also helps passengers avoid the hassle of navigating unfamiliar areas or searching for taxis upon arrival at the airport.

book sharjah taxi

Sharjah Taxi Fares and Charges

The sharjah taxi fare and booking charges in Sharjah are calculated based on the government-approved rates. The standard taxi fare rates in Sharjah are set by the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority (SRTA) to ensure transparency and fairness for passengers.

Standard Taxi Fare Rates

The standard sharjah taxi fare is determined by a combination of factors, including the distance traveled, waiting time, and any additional charges. Passengers can expect to pay a base fare of AED 5 for the first 2 kilometers, followed by AED 1.80 for each additional kilometer. The waiting time is charged at AED 0.50 per minute.

Airport Taxi Surcharge

In addition to the standard taxi fare rates, there is an AED 20 surcharge for sharjah airport taxi trips. This surcharge is applied to all taxis transporting passengers from the Sharjah International Airport to their desired destination within the city. A one-way trip from the airport to the city center typically costs between AED 50 to AED 60.

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Book Sharjah Taxi Services and Options

The Sharjah taxi service offers a wide fleet of vehicles to cater to the diverse transportation needs of passengers. In addition to the standard taxis, the service also provides accessible taxis for people of determination, ensuring comfortable and convenient options for all travelers in the emirate.

Sharjah Taxi Fleet

The Sharjah taxi service operates a comprehensive fleet of vehicles, ranging from sedans to minivans and SUVs. This diverse selection allows passengers to choose the car that best suits their group size, luggage requirements, and personal preferences. Whether you need a compact ride for a solo trip or a spacious van for a family, the Sharjah taxi service has the right vehicle to accommodate your needs.

Accessible Taxis for People of Determination

Recognizing the importance of inclusive mobility, the Sharjah taxi service also offers specially-equipped accessible taxis for people of determination. These vehicles are designed with ramps, wider doors, and ample space to ensure a comfortable and hassle-free travel experience. Passengers can easily book the Sharjah taxi app or contact the taxi dispatch to request an accessible vehicle, ensuring that everyone can explore the city with ease.

The entire Sharjah taxi service operations are closely monitored by the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority (SRTA) to maintain high standards of safety, accessibility, and customer service, providing a reliable and inclusive transportation solution for all.

Sharjah Taxi Fleet

Rights and Responsibilities of Passengers

When using the Sharjah taxi service, both passengers and drivers have specific rights and responsibilities that contribute to a safe and enjoyable experience. The Sharjah government has outlined these guidelines to ensure the smooth operation of the taxi system and promote accountability among all stakeholders.

Passenger Rights

Passengers in Sharjah have the right to select the route they wish to take, ensuring they reach their destination efficiently. They can also expect a clean and well-maintained vehicle, as well as the ability to check the taxi meter to verify the fare. Passengers can request air conditioning for their comfort and refuse to pay any additional tips beyond the metered fare. Additionally, passengers have the right to ask for the driver’s photo ID and receive a receipt for their trip. If any personal items are left behind, passengers can contact the helpline to retrieve them.

Passenger Responsibilities

In return, passengers have the responsibility to pay the complete fare, including any applicable toll charges. They must also wear their seat belts and refrain from bringing food items into the taxi. Passengers are expected to treat the vehicle with care and avoid causing any damage during their journey. By fulfilling these responsibilities, passengers can contribute to the overall efficiency and professionalism of the Sharjah taxi service.

Whether you need to call a taxi in Sharjah or book a pink taxi in Sharjah, understanding your rights and responsibilities as a passenger will ensure a smooth and comfortable transportation experience.

Booking Taxis Online and Through Apps

In the digital age, booking a sharjah taxi has become even more convenient for residents and visitors in Sharjah. Passengers can now access taxi services at their fingertips, thanks to the availability of online and mobile app-based booking options. These innovative solutions cater to the evolving transportation needs of the community, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience.

One of the popular options for booking a sharjah taxi for the airport is through the dedicated mobile apps offered by the Sharjah taxi service providers. These apps allow passengers to easily request a taxi, track its arrival, and make secure in-app payments, all with just a few taps on their smartphones. This streamlined process eliminates the need for physical interactions, making it an attractive choice for busy individuals or those seeking a contactless travel experience.

Moreover, the online booking platforms operated by the Sharjah taxi companies provide a convenient alternative for those who prefer to plan their transportation needs in advance. These web-based systems enable passengers to reserve a taxi, select their preferred pickup location, and even schedule rides for specific times, ensuring a seamless and stress-free journey.

The integration of technology into the Sharjah taxi ecosystem has not only enhanced the customer experience but also improved the overall efficiency of the service. Through online and app-based booking options, the taxi providers can better manage their fleet, optimize routes, and respond more promptly to passenger requests, ultimately delivering a more reliable and responsive transportation solution for the community.


Booking a Sharjah taxi is a convenient and reliable way to explore the city. With multiple booking options, such as phone booking, Taxi Butler Service, ladies-only taxi booking, and airport taxi booking, Sharjah offers a seamless transportation experience for both residents and visitors. The Sharjah taxi service also provides a wide fleet of vehicles, including accessible taxis for people of determination, to cater to diverse passenger needs.

The Sharjah taxi fares are transparent, with standard rates set by the government and an additional AED 20 surcharge for airport taxis. Passengers can conveniently book their Sharjah taxi for airport transfers or everyday commuting through online and mobile app platforms, further enhancing the accessibility and convenience of the service.

By understanding the passenger rights and responsibilities, travelers in Sharjah can enjoy a hassle-free and comfortable taxi experience. Whether you need to book a Sharjah taxi for your next trip or simply want to explore the city, the Sharjah taxi service offers a reliable and affordable transportation solution that caters to the diverse needs of the community.


How do I call a taxi in Sharjah?

There are several ways to book a taxi in Sharjah, including calling the taxi companies directly, using the Taxi Butler service, booking a ladies-only taxi, or reserving an airport taxi.

How can I book a pink taxi in Sharjah?

Sharjah has a ladies-only taxi service that can be booked through the Taxi Butler service or by directly contacting the taxi companies.

How much is a Sharjah taxi?

The standard taxi fare rates in Sharjah are set by the government. There is also an AED 20 surcharge for airport taxis. A one-way trip from the Sharjah International Airport to the city center typically costs between AED 50 to AED 60.

How do I book a Sharjah taxi for the airport?

You can book a Sharjah taxi for the airport through various methods, including calling the taxi companies directly, using the Taxi Butler service, or booking an airport taxi online or through a mobile app.

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