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Sharjah Police Fines | Everything You Need to Know

In the UAE, traffic rules are usually very strict, and you need to follow them to avoid facing serious consequences. Sharjah, as a part of the UAE, also imposes fines on those who violate1 traffic rules. These strict traffic fines in Sharjah help maintain the traffic laws of the country and ensure road safety.

Many of these rules are the same as in other Emirates, but there are some differences in fines and penalties. Explore the article about sharjah police fines.

The punishment for serious traffic violations is usually decided by the court and can result in confiscation, police custody, and the accumulation of maximum black points.

The fine for speed violation is dependent on your maximum speed, and you can be charged with a hefty fine, receive black points, and even have your vehicle confiscated.The listed violations for heavy vehicles are associated with heavy traffic, and their fines are usually higher than those for light vehicles.

Parking violations can be easily avoided by parking only in authorized zones. Pedestrian violations such as walking at night or in fog without lights can also result in fines and black points. Vehicle modification and fitness violations can also lead to fines, black points, and even vehicle confiscation.

Introduction to Sharjah Traffic Fines| Importance of Following Traffic Rules

In the United Arab Emirates, including the emirate of Sharjah, traffic rules are strictly enforced to maintain road safety and order. Sharjah’s traffic fines play a crucial role in upholding these regulations, serving as a deterrent against violations and ensuring the well-being of all road users.

Adhering to traffic laws in Sharjah not only helps avoid hefty penalties but also contributes to the overall safety and efficiency of the emirate’s transportation network.

Overview of Common Traffic Violations

The Sharjah traffic fines system covers a wide range of violations, from speeding and using a mobile phone while driving to not wearing a seatbelt and running a red light. Individuals must be aware of these common infractions and their associated penalties to ensure compliance with Sharjah’s comprehensive traffic regulations.

Certain offenses, such as reckless driving and parking-related violations, can also result in fines and black points on a driver’s record.

While many of the traffic rules in Sharjah are similar to those across the UAE, there are some unique aspects to the emirate’s fine system that residents and visitors should familiarize themselves with. Understanding the nuances of Sharjah’s traffic laws and the consequences of non-compliance is crucial for maintaining road safety and avoiding unexpected financial burdens.

Sharjah traffic rules

Sharjah Police Fines: Severity and Consequences

The Sharjah Police have implemented a comprehensive system of traffic fines to ensure road safety and adherence to traffic regulations. These fines range from AED 400 to AED 3000 (approximately $109 to $816) and can result in the allocation of up to 24 black points. In some cases, violations can even lead to vehicle seizure, license suspension, or the accumulation of the maximum 23 black points.

Serious Traffic Violations

Driving leading to death, driving under the influence, and causing serious accidents or injuries are considered the most severe traffic violations in Sharjah. These offenses carry court-determined fines and can result in the confiscation of the vehicle for up to 60 days, as well as the allocation of 23 black points.7

Speed Violations

Exceeding the speed limit by more than 80 km/h can result in a fine of AED 3000, 23 black points, and a 60-day vehicle confiscation period. Exceeding the limit by more than 60 km/h leads to a AED 2000 fine, 12 black points, and a 30-day confiscation period. Even exceeding the speed limit by not more than 60 km/h can incur a AED 1500 fine, 6 black points, and a 15-day confiscation period.

Heavy Vehicle Violations

Violations related to heavy vehicles, such as overloading or improper loading, are subject to higher fines and consequences due to their potential impact on traffic flow and safety. These penalties are enforced to maintain order and protect other road users.

Parking Violations

Parking in prohibited areas, such as in front of fire nozzles or in zones dedicated for special needs or taxis, can result in fines ranging from AED 500 to AED 1000 and the allocation of 4 to 6 black points.

Pedestrian Violations

Pedestrians in Sharjah are also subject to fines for walking at night or in fog without proper lighting, as well as for violating security instructions. These violations can lead to a AED 500 fine and the accumulation of 4 black points.

Vehicle Modification and Fitness Violations

Improperly modifying vehicles or operating them in an unfit condition can also result in fines and penalties in Sharjah. These violations are taken seriously to maintain the safety and roadworthiness of vehicles on the emirate’s roads.

sharjah police fines

Checking and Paying Sharjah Traffic Fines

Navigating the process of checking and paying Sharjah traffic fines can seem daunting, but with the right information, it can be a straightforward task. Residents of Sharjah and the UAE have several convenient options to explore when it comes to managing their traffic fines.

Online Platforms and Mobile Apps

One of the most efficient ways to check your traffic fines in Sharjah is through the official Sharjah Police website or mobile app.By logging in with your traffic file number, license plate number, or license number, you can easily access information about any outstanding fines and make the necessary payments.

Additionally, the Emirate Vehicle Gate website and app, as well as the Ministry of Interior website, offer similar services for checking and paying traffic fines.

In-Person at Traffic Departments

For those who prefer a more personal approach, Sharjah residents can also visit the General Directorate of Traffic headquarters to inquire about and settle their traffic fines. This option allows individuals to submit proof or contest the fines, if necessary, in addition to making the required payments.

Payment Methods and Discounts

When it comes to paying Sharjah traffic fines, there are several convenient options available. Motorists can utilize the Sharjah Police website/app, Emirate Vehicle Gate website/app, Ministry of Interior website, or Sahl device to make their payments.

It’s important to note that Sharjah Police offers attractive discounts on traffic fines, with up to a 35% discount for payments made within 60 days of the fine registration, and a 25% discount for payments made after 60 days but within one year.

Payment Method Discount
Payment within 60 days of fine registration Up to 35% discount
Payment after 60 days but within one year 25% discount

By understanding the various options for checking and paying Sharjah traffic fines, residents can ensure they remain compliant with the emirate’s traffic laws and take advantage of the available discounts to minimize the financial impact of any violations.

Contesting Sharjah Traffic Fines

If you’ve received a traffic fine in Sharjah and believe it to be unjustified, you have the option to contest it. Understanding the grounds for contesting a fine, the proper procedures to submit an objection, and the importance of providing relevant evidence and supporting documents can help you navigate the process effectively.

Grounds for Contesting a Fine

There are several legitimate grounds for contesting a traffic fine in Sharjah, such as errors in the fine details, inaccurate speed measurements, or circumstances beyond your control. It’s essential to carefully review the fine and gather any evidence that supports your case.

Procedure for Submitting an Objection

To contest a Sharjah traffic fine, you can reach out to the Sharjah Police Traffic Department through WhatsApp at +971-6-517-7555.Alternatively, you can use the Ministry of Interior (MOI) smartphone application to file a dispute by signing in with your UAE Pass account and following the outlined steps.

Providing Evidence and Supporting Documents

When contesting a fine, it’s crucial to provide relevant evidence and supporting documents to strengthen your case. This may include photographic evidence, eyewitness accounts, or any other relevant information that can help prove your innocence or the inaccuracy of the fine.

Emirate Dispute Process
Abu Dhabi Visit the Abu Dhabi Police e-complaints portal ( and follow the outlined steps.The Abu Dhabi Police review disputes within 60 days of the fine issuance and reverse it if claims are valid.
Sharjah Contact the Sharjah Police Traffic Department via WhatsApp at +971-6-517-7555 to dispute the fine.Alternatively, use the MOI smartphone app (App store/Google play) to contest the fine.
Ajman Appeal the fine through the Ajman Police website or app, using your UAE Pass account.The Ajman Police will review appeals, and if the version of events is accepted, the fine will be reversed.
Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain Dispute the traffic fine through the MOI app (App store/Google play).

Contesting Sharjah traffic fines requires a thorough understanding of the grounds for objection, the proper procedures, and the importance of providing relevant evidence. By following the appropriate steps, you can increase the chances of having your fine reversed or reduced.

Contesting Sharjah Traffic Fines


In conclusion, this comprehensive guide to Sharjah police fines has provided valuable insights into the intricacies of traffic rules and regulations in the UAE.

From understanding the importance of adhering to Sharjah traffic rules and road safety to navigating the complexities of various traffic violations and their associated penalties, this article has equipped readers with the necessary knowledge to navigate the Sharjah vehicle registration and driving license landscape effectively.

The article has delved deep into the severity and consequences of Sharjah radar fines and impounded vehicles, emphasizing the crucial role these road offenses play in maintaining the safety and order of the emirate’s transportation system.

By outlining the diverse payment options and dispute processes available, readers now have a clear understanding of how to efficiently check and pay their Sharjah traffic fines.

As the UAE continues to uphold its commitment to traffic law enforcement, this article serves as a valuable resource for both residents and visitors alike, empowering them to make informed decisions and remain compliant with the Sharjah police fines and UAE traffic laws.

By embracing this knowledge and continuously prioritizing road safety, individuals can contribute to the broader goal of creating a safer and more efficient transportation network in Sharjah and across the Emirates.


What are the importance of following traffic rules in Sharjah and the UAE?

In the UAE, including Sharjah, traffic rules are very strict and must be followed to avoid penalties. Strict traffic fines in Sharjah help maintain the country’s traffic laws and ensure road safety. While many of the rules are the same across the Emirates, there are some differences in fines and penalties in Sharjah.

What are the common traffic violations and their associated penalties in Sharjah?

Serious traffic violations in Sharjah can result in confiscation, police custody, and the accumulation of maximum black points. Speed violations are fined based on the maximum speed, and can lead to hefty fines, black points, and even vehicle confiscation. Heavy vehicle violations related to heavy traffic usually have higher fines than light vehicles. Parking violations, pedestrian violations, and vehicle modification/fitness violations can all result in fines, black points, and potential vehicle confiscation.

How can I check and pay my Sharjah traffic fines?

You can check and pay your Sharjah traffic fines using various online platforms and mobile apps, or by visiting the traffic departments in person. Payment methods include cash, credit/debit cards, and even discounts may be available in some cases.

How can I contest a Sharjah traffic fine?

To contest a Sharjah traffic fine, you can submit an objection based on valid grounds. The procedure involves providing relevant evidence and supporting documents to the authorities. It’s important to follow the correct process to have a better chance of successfully contesting the fine.

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